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The Literary Souvenir, or Cabinet of Poetry and Romance [1834]     

The Literary Souvenir, or Cabinet of Poetry and Romance [1834]

compiled by Alaric A. Watts

Table of Contents

1-30 Howitt, William. Aloff and Henneka; [Prose/30 pages]
31-34 Howitt, Mary. The Boy and the Holy Image; [Poetry/4 pages]
35-36 Howitt, Mary. Hawking Song; [Prose/2 pages]
37-38 Anonymous. The Burial of Buonaparte at St. Helena; [Poetry/2 pages]
39-62 Griffin, Gerald. The Raven's Nest; [Prose/24 pages]
63-67 Watts, Alaric Alexander. The Sister of Charity; [Poetry/5 pages]
68-70 Willis, Nathaniel Parker. Parhasius; [Poetry/3 pages]
71 Anonymous. The Halt of the Pilgrims; [Poetry/1 pages]
72 Abdy, Maria. The Night-Blowing Cereus; [Poetry/1 pages]
73-109 Austin (niece of Jane Austin). Mary Hamilton; [Prose/37 pages]
110 Anonymous. To Midnight; [Poetry/1 pages]
111-113 Howitt, Mary. St, Michael's Mount; [Poetry/3 pages]
114-139 Anonymous. Grace Keven; [Prose/26 pages]
140 Hoyle, Rev. Charles, (H.). The Sisters; [Poetry/1 pages]
141-142 Abdy, Maria. The Birth of an Heir; [Poetry/2 pages]
143-144 Pardoe, Miss Julia S. H. The Polish Children; [Poetry/2 pages]
145-164 Author of "Three Nights in a Lifetime". Allen M'Tavish's Fishing; [Prose/20 pages]
165-172 Bowles, Miss Caroline. Le Grande Chartreuse; [Prose/8 pages]
173 De Vere, Sir Aubrey. Sonnet, "She whom this heart"; [Poetry/1 pages]
174-176 Author of "Three Nights in a Lifetime". We Parted on the Sea; [Prose/6 pages]
177 De Vere, Sir Aubrey. The Confession of Love, a Madrigal; [Poetry/1 pages]
178 De Vere, Sir Aubrey. On a Visit to Wordsworth; [Poetry/1 pages]
179-180 Howitt, Mary. On a Picture by Collins; [Poetry/2 pages]
181-189 Pardoe, Miss Julia S. H. The Departure for Waterloo; [Prose/8 pages]
190-194 Sigma. Lament of Cino da Pistolia; [Poetry/6 pages]
195-206 Crowe, Eyre Evans. The Incendiary; [Prose/12 pages]
207-209 Author of "Three Nights in a Lifetime". The Bride of Love; [Poetry/3 pages]
210-212 Webbe, Cornelius. Innocence; [Poetry/3 pages]
213 Michell, Major Nicholas. Buried Friendship; [Poetry/1 pages]
214-216 Hollings, J. F. Patentia-Victrix; [Poetry/3 pages]
217-244 L. (L. H.). Eventful Passages in an Unhappy Life; [Prose/28 pages]
245-248 Atherstone, Edwin. Sunrise; [Poetry/4 pages]
249 Hollings, J. F. To the River Lea; [Poetry/1 pages]
250-251 Sigma. The Oriental Love Letter; [Poetry/2 pages]
252 Z. A Song for Autumn; [Poetry/1 pages]
253-304 Author of "Bride of the Nile". The Old Man of the Mountain; [Prose/52 pages]
305-306 Abdy, Maria. Congenial Spirits; [Poetry/2 pages]

List of Plates

Frontispiece, The Contrast, (art.) Wright, J. M., R. A.; (eng.) Lightfoot, Peter.
35 Hawking, (art.) Cattermole, George; (eng.) Greatbach, William.
71 Austria Pilgrims, (art.) Lewis, G. R.; (eng.) Allen, James B..
111 St. Michael's Mount, (art.) Bentley, C.; (eng.) Thomas, John.
145 The Fisher's Wife, (art.) Holmes, James; (eng.) Lightfoot, Peter.
179 Fisher Children, (art.) Collins, William, R.; (eng.) Outrim, John.
181 Departure for Waterloo, (art.) Edmonstone, Robert; (eng.) Shenton, Henry C..
210 Innocence (Portrait), (art.) Grenze; (eng.) Sangster, Samuel.
217 Portrait, (art.) Lewis, F. C.; Lewis, F. C.
250 Oriental Love-Letter, (art.) Destouches; (eng.) Ensom, William.

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