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The Literary Souvenir, or Cabinet of Poetry and Romance [1830]     

The Literary Souvenir, or Cabinet of Poetry and Romance [1830]

compiled by Alaric A. Watts

Table of Contents

1-18 Grattan, Thomas Colley. The Love Draught; [Prose/18 pages]
19 De Vere, Sir Aubrey. Epigram, "Ungrateful love"; [Poetry/1 pages]
20 Read, William. Suggested by Leslie Portrait; [Poetry/1 pages]
21-29 Praed, Winthrop Mackworth. The Legend of the Drachenfels; [Prose/10 pages]
30-31 Jewsbury, Maria Jane (Fletcher). The Singing Bird at Sea; [Poetry/3 pages]
32 Hoyle, Rev. Charles, (H.). Corrie-Usk; [Poetry/1 pages]
33-37 Bowles, Miss Caroline. The Dying Mother to the Infant; [Poetry/5 pages]
38 De V., Mary. Sonnet, "vainly thou bidst me"; [Poetry/1 pages]
39-41 Hemans, Mrs. Felicia. The Magic Glass; [Poetry/3 pages]
42-55 Fraser, James Baillie. An Incident at Sea; [Prose/14 pages]
56-59 Hervey, Thomas Kibble. Oberon and Titania; [Poetry/4 pages]
60-63 Watts, Alaric Alexander. The Anniversary; [Poetry/4 pages]
64-71 Inglis, Henry (Derwent Conway). The City of the Desert; [Prose/8 pages]
72 Moore, Thomas. Song, "Alone beneath the moon"; [Poetry/1 pages]
73-85 Ritchie, Leitch. The Smuggler's Isle; [Prose/23 pages]
96-97 Byron, Lord. To Ianthe; [Poetry/2 pages]
98 Hoyle, Rev. Charles, (H.). Loch Lomond; [Poetry/1 pages]
99-100 Anonymous. How can I sing?; [Poetry/2 pages]
101-102 De Vere, Sir Aubrey. Sonnets on Columbus; [Poetry/2 pages]
103 Anonymous. Memory; [Poetry/1 pages]
104 Praed, Winthrop Mackworth. L' Envoi; [Poetry/1 pages]
105-119 Mitford, Mary Russell. A Village Romance; [Prose/15 pages]
120-122 Watts, Alaric Alexander. To Caroline Bowles; [Poetry/3 pages]
123 Hoyle, Rev. Charles, (H.). On Leaving Scotland; [Poetry/1 pages]
124-127 Howitt, Mary. The Sale of the Pet Lamb; [Poetry/4 pages]
128-165 MacFarlane, Charles. The Forest of Sant' Eufemia; [Prose/38 pages]
166-169 Walker, William Sidney. Hymn to Liberty; [Poetry/4 pages]
170 Hoyle, Rev. Charles, (H.). Retrospection; [Poetry/1 pages]
171-172 Praed, Winthrop Mackworth. How shall I woo her?; [Poetry/2 pages]
173-175 Moir, David Macbeth (Delta). Flodden Field; [Poetry/3 pages]
176 Procter, Bryan W. (Barry Cornwall). The Ruins of Time; [Poetry/1 pages]
177 Anonymous. The Dull Scholar; [Poetry/1 pages]
178-179 Anonymous. Where is Miss Myrtle?; [Prose/1 pages]
180 Hoyle, Rev. Charles, (H.). Cartlane-Crags; [Poetry/1 pages]
181-182 Hemans, Mrs. Felicia. The Sisters of Scio; [Poetry/2 pages]
183-191 Author of the "Bath Man". The Last Man in Town; [Prose/9 pages]
192 Hoyle, Rev. Charles, (H.). Derwent Water; [Poetry/1 pages]
193-198 Howitt, Mary. The Faery Oath; [Poetry/6 pages]
199-201 Watts, Alaric Alexander. A Remonstrance; [Poetry/3 pages]
202-207 Galt, John. The Confession; [Poetry/6 pages]
208-212 Bowles, Miss Caroline. The Russian Mother; [Poetry/5 pages]
213 Hoyle, Rev. Charles, (H.). Speedwell Mine; [Poetry/1 pages]
214-216 Bayley, Thomas Haynes. Vanity Fair; [Poetry/3 pages]
217-229 Montgomery, James. The Chronicle of Angels; [Prose/13 pages]
230-245 Bowles, Miss Caroline. The Batchelor's Bridal; [Prose/16 pages]
246-249 Moxon, Edward. The Two Streams; [Poetry/1 pages]
250 Hoyle, Rev. Charles, (H.). Parson's Bridge; [Poetry/1 pages]
251-252 Fitzgerald, Edward M. An Invitation; [Poetry/2 pages]
253-261 Anonymous. The Discovery; [Prose/9 pages]
262-264 Norton, Mrs. Caroline E. S. Bring Back the Chain!; [Poetry/3 pages]
265-266 Watts, Alaric Alexander. We met when Life and Hope were new; [Poetry/2 pages]
267 Hoyle, Rev. Charles, (H.). Ailsa-Crag; [Poetry/1 pages]
268-271 Dale, Rev. Thomas. Regulus; [Poetry/4 pages]
272-279 Anonymous. Morning Calls; [Prose/8 pages]
280-284 Hervey, Thomas Kibble. Inez; [Poetry/5 pages]
285-287 Russell, Lord John. Francesca da Rimini; [Poetry/3 pages]
288 Anonymous. La Fille bien Gardee; [Poetry/1 pages]
289-205 Howitt, William. Ithran, the Demoniac; [Prose/17 pages]
306 Hoyle, Rev. Charles, (H.). Oldbury; [Poetry/1 pages]
307-309 Watts, Alaric Alexander. A Sketch of Real Life; [Poetry/3 pages]
310-312 Morris, Robert. A Summer Scene; [Poetry/3 pages]
313-314 Willis, Nathaniel Parker. My Birth-day; [Poetry/3 pages]
315 Bowring, Dr. John. Lunacy; [Poetry/1 pages]
315-319 Clark, Willis Gaylord. The Contrast; [Poetry/4 pages]
320-322 Bayley, Thomas Haynes The Neglected Child; [Poetry/3 pages]
323 Montgomery, James. Evening Time; [Poetry/1 pages]
324 Inglis, Henry (Derwent Conway). To the Turtle-dove; [Poetry/1 pages]
325-328 Fitzgerald, Edward M.. Chivalry at a Discount; [Poetry/4 pages]
329-355 Banim, John & Michael (O'HaraFamily). The Last of the Storm; [Prose/27 pages]
356-357 Hemans, Mrs. Felicia. The Mirror in the Deserted Hall; [Poetry/2 pages]
358-359 Coleridge, Hartley. Address to certain Gold Fishes; [Poetry/2 pages]
360 Hoyle, Rev. Charles, (H.). Loch-Fyne; [Poetry/1 pages]
361-362 Baillie, Joanna. To Mrs. Siddons; [Poetry/2 pages]

List of Plates

Frontispiece, Mrs. Siddons on the character of Lady Macbeth, (art.) Harlowe, G. H.; (eng.) Rolls, Charles.
56 Oberon and Titania, (art.) Howard, Henry, R. A.; (eng.) Edwards, J. C..
96 Childe Harold and Ianthe, (art.) Westall, Richard, R.; (eng.) Portbury, Edward J..
124 The Sale of the Pet Lamb, (art.) Collins, William, R.; (eng.) Rolls, Charles.
159 The Brigand's Cave, (art.) Unwins, Thomas, R. A.; (eng.) Rolls, Charles.
181 The Sister of Scio, (art.) Phalipon, A.; (eng.) Rolls, Henry.
217 Jacob's Dream, (art.) Allston, W., A. R. A.; (eng.) Goodall, Edward.
253 The Discovery, (art.) Stephanoff, F. P.; (eng.) Goodyear, Joseph.
288 La Felle bien Garde'e, (art.) Chalon, A. E., R. A.; (eng.) Rolls, Charles.
325 The Tournament, (art.) Martin, John; (eng.) Willmore, James T..
363 Viscountess Belgrave, (art.) Lawrence, Sir Thomas; (eng.) Graves, Robert.

Date: 1830 (Web page revisions: 07/13/2006) Author: compiled by Alaric A. Watts (Web page revisions: Zach Weir).
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