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The Literary Souvenir, or Cabinet of Poetry and Romance [1827]     

The Literary Souvenir, or Cabinet of Poetry and Romance [1827]

compiled by Alaric A. Watts

Table of Contents

1-8 Crayon, Geoffrey (Washington Irving). A Contented Man; [Prose/8 pages]
9 Hood, Thomas. Sonnet: written in Shakespeare; [Poetry/1 pages]
10-12 Hemans, Mrs. Felicia. The Breeze from Shore; [Poetry/3 pages]
13-14 Cunningham, Allan. The Lass of Gleneslan Mill; [Poetry/2 pages]
15-16 Bowles, Rev. William Lisle. Sonnets on Busts of Milton; [Poetry/2 pages]
17-18 Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. On last words of Berengarius; [Poetry/2 pages]
19-27 Wilson, John. The Two Fathers; [Prose/9 pages]
28-32 Hood, Thomas. A Retrospective Review; [Poetry/5 pages]
33-36 Landon, Letitia Elizabeth (L. E. L.). Stanzas Beneath Portrait of Byron; [Poetry/4 pages]
37-60 Benger, Miss Elizabeth Ogilvie. Elizabeth Woodville; [Prose/24 pages]
61 Sotheby, William. Between Munich and Augsburgh; [Poetry/1 pages]
62-64 Watts, Alaric Alexander. The Grey Hair; [Poetry/3 pages]
65-66 Hemans, Mrs. Felicia. The Better Land; [Poetry/2 pages]
67-70 Montgomery, James. The Adventures of a Star; [Poetry/4 pages]
71 Lawrance, Miss H. On the Elgin Marbles; [Poetry/1 pages]
72 Procter, Bryan W. (Barry Cornwall). Sea-Shore Stanzas; [Poetry/1 pages]
73-76 Praed, Winthrop Mackworth. Alexander and Diogenes; [Poetry/4 pages]
77-88 M. (F.). The Lazzaroni; [Prose/12 pages]
89-90 Southey, Robert. A Soldier's Epitaph; [Poetry/2 pages]
91-92 Howitt, Mary. Tyre; [Poetry/2 pages]
93-95 Malcolm, John. The Return: revisiting Edinburgh; [Poetry/3 pages]
96 Sotheby, William. To Joanna Baillie; [Poetry/1 pages]
97-102 Galt, John. The Witch; [Prose/6 pages]
103-104 Landon, Letitia Elizabeth (L. E. L.). The Minstrel's Monitor; [Poetry/2 pages]
105-106 Smith, Horace. The Visionary; [Poetry/2 pages]
107-108 Campbell, Thomas. Lines on the State of Greece; [Poetry/2 pages]
109-111 Watts, Alaric Alexander. On Picture of Florentine Girl; [Poetry/3 pages]
112-114 Jewsbury, Maria Jane (Fletcher). The First Wanderer; [Poetry/3 pages]
115 Dale, Rev. Thomas. Stanzas for Music; [Poetry/1 pages]
116 Brooke, Arthur. Sonnet, "If from the chaos"; [Poetry/1 pages]
117-118 Cunningham, Allan. The British Sword; [Poetry/2 pages]
119 Anonymous. A Spanish Lady; [Poetry/1 pages]
120 Mitford, Mary Russell. An Acted Charade; [Prose/12 pages]
132 Sotheby, William. A Fancy Sketch; [Poetry/1 pages]
133-135 Moir, David Macbeth (Delta). To a Dead Eagle; [Poetry/3 pages]
136 Condor, Mrs. Josiah. The Skylark; [Poetry/1 pages]
137-138 Sheridan, Charles Brinsley. Lines on a Cupid; [Poetry/2 pages]
139-140 Roscoe, William Stanley. Graecia Victrix; [Poetry/2 pages]
141-142 Holford, Miss Margaret (Mrs. Hodges). Spring Evening; [Poetry/2 pages]
143-144 White, Henry Kirke. To the Wind at Midnight; [Poetry/2 pages]
145-163 Roberts, Emma. The Bridal of St. Omer; [Prose/9 pages]
164-167 Hemans, Mrs. Felicia. Ivan the Czar; [Poetry/4 pages]
168-174 Hosking, William. The Infiorata of Genzano; [Poetry/7 pages]
175-176 Procter, Bryan W. (Barry Cornwall). Buckfastleigh Abbey; [Poetry/2 pages]
177-188 Mitford, Mary Russell. The Queen of the Meadow; [Prose/12 pages]
189-191 Hemans, Mrs. Felicia. Corinna at the Capitol; [Poetry/3 pages]
192-193 Malcolm, John. Lines written in Lady's Album; [Poetry/2 pages]
194-198 Howitt, Mary. The Two Voyagers; [Poetry/5 pages]
199-201 Balfour, Alexander. Modern Love; [Poetry/3 pages]
202 Doubleday, Thomas. The Poet's Solitude; [Poetry/1 pages]
203-220 Anonymous. The Peasant of Portugal; [Prose/20 pages]
223 Mitford, Mary Russell. Sonnet, "On leaving a favorite"; [Poetry/1 pages]
224-227 Moir, David Macbeth (Delta). The Contadina; [Poetry/3 pages]
228-230 Bowring, Dr. John. On the Death of Margaret; [Poetry/3 pages]
231-232 Byron, Lord. In Union Hotel Livre des Etrangers; [Poetry/2 pages]
233-246 Croker, Thomas Crofton. Clough na Cuddy; [Prose/11 pages]
247 Anonymous. Canzonet; [Poetry/1 pages]
247 Hogg, James (Ettrick Shepherd). Stanzas for Music; [Poetry/1 pages]
248-249 Landon, Letitia Elizabeth (L. E. L.). The Inconstant; [Poetry/2 pages]
250 Bowles, Miss Caroline. Man's Love; [Poetry/1 pages]
251 Hoyle, Rev. Charles, (H.). Ballachulish; [Poetry/1 pages]
252-254 Carrington, Noel Thomas. The Storm; [Poetry/3 pages]
255-256 Leveson-Gower, (Lord Egerton Francis). To the Pine Tree; [Poetry/2 pages]
257-261 Watts, Alaric Alexander. To my Child Sleeping; [Poetry/5 pages]
262 Porchester, Lord. The Bridal Gift; [Poetry/1 pages]
263-282 Author of "Lovers Quarrel". Parthian Darts; [Prose/20 pages]
283-286 Howitt, William. A Highland Group; [Poetry/4 pages]
287 Mitford, Mary Russell. The Fishing Seat-White Knights; [Poetry/1 pages]
288 Howard, Rev. Henry. The Bird Catcher: from Bion; [Poetry/1 pages]
289-290 Hemans, Mrs. Felicia. The Distant Ship; [Poetry/2 pages]
291-293 Dale, Rev. Thomas. To Memory of Infant Daughter; [Poetry/3 pages]
294 Anonymous. Sonnet; [Poetry/1 pages]
294 Pringle, Thomas. Youthful Love; [Poetry/1 pages]
295-296 Bowles, Rev. William Lisle. Chantrey's Sleeping Children; [Poetry/2 pages]
297-298 Hodgson, Rev. Francis. Suggested by Book of Church Offices; [Poetry/2 pages]
299-300 Porter, Miss Anna Maria. Night in Greece; [Poetry/2 pages]
301-321 Moir, David Macbeth (Delta). Auld Robin Gray; [Prose/21 pages]
322 Anonymous. Ben Nevis; [Poetry/1 pages]
323-324 Malcolm, John. Solitude; [Poetry/2 pages]
325 Hood, Thomas. Ballad, "It was not in the winter"; [Poetry/1 pages]
326 Crowe, Eyre Evans. To Silence; [Poetry/1 pages]
327 Shee, Sir Martin Archer. An Impromptu to a Lady; [Poetry/1 pages]
328 H. Glen Coe; [Poetry/1 pages]
329-331 Webbe, Cornelius. The Harvest Home; [Poetry/3 pages]
332-334 B. (S. A.). Cupid emerging from a Cloud; [Poetry/2 pages]
335-336 Bird, James. Lines written on the lid of a coffin; [Poetry/2 pages]
337-339 Landon, Letitia Elizabeth (L. E. L.). Cupid and Psyche; [Poetry/3 pages]
340-348 Atherstone, Edwin. To-Morrow: a Dramatic Scene; [Prose/9 pages]
349 Doubleday, Thomas. The Sea Cave; [Poetry/1 pages]
350 Procter, Bryan W. (Barry Cornwall). Song, "In her bosom deep"; [Poetry/1 pages]
351-367 Porter, Miss Jane Anne. A Scottish Tradition; [Prose/17 pages]
368-371 Gore, Catherine Frances (Mrs. Charles). Napoleon at the Kremlin; [Poetry/4 pages]
372 Barnard, Rev. E. W. The Swallow; [Poetry/1 pages]
373 Drake, Nathan. Stanzas, "The star burnt bright"; [Poetry/1 pages]
374-375 James, P. M. The Shepherdess of the Loire; [Poetry/2 pages]
376-377 Richardson, G. F. Henri Jaquelein to his Soldiers; [Poetry/2 pages]
378 Doubleday, Thomas. The Ivy; [Poetry/1 pages]
379-380 Clare, John. Ballad, "There is a tender flower"; [Poetry/2 pages]
381-382 Holford, Miss Margaret (Mrs. Hodges). Lines to a Broken Watch; [Poetry/2 pages]
383-384 Condor, Josiah. Stanzas, "Yes: his was love"; [Poetry/2 pages]
385-393 Buckingham, James Silk. The Caravan in the Desert; [Prose/9 pages]
394-395 Wilson, Mrs. Cornwell Baron. I Watch for Thee: a Ballad; [Poetry/2 pages]
396 Moir, David Macbeth (Delta). The Sword of Wallace; [Poetry/1 pages]
397-398 Neele, Henry. Goodrich Castle; [Poetry/2 pages]
399-400 Emerson, James. Mutability; [Poetry/2 pages]

List of Plates

Frontispiece, Girl in a Florentine Costume, (art.) Howard, Henry, R. A.; (eng.) Heath, Charles.
Frontispiece, Illustrated Title, (art.) Unidentified; (eng.) Unidentified.
33 The Last Portrait of Byron, (art.) West, W. E., P. R. A.; (eng.) Engleheart, Francis.
73 Alexander and Diogenes, (art.) Martin, John; (eng.) Finden, Edward.
119 A Spanish Lady, (art.) Newton, Gilbert Stuart; (eng.) Robinson, John H.
175 Buckfastleigh Abbey, (art.) Turner, J. M. W., R.; (eng.) Wallis, Robert.
244 The Contadina, (art.) Sheepshank, John; (eng.) Mitchell, James.
263 Rosalie, (art.) Green, J.; (eng.) Finden, Edward.
301 Auld Robin Gray, (art.) Farrier, E.; (eng.) Romney, John.
337 Cupid and Psyche, (art.) West, W. E., P. R. A.; (eng.) Humphrys, William.
397 Goodrich Castle, on the Wye, (art.) Fielding, Copley; (eng.) Finden, Edward.

Date: 1827 (Web page revisions: 07/10/2006) Author: compiled by Alaric A. Watts (Web page revisions: Zach Weir).
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