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The Literary Souvenir, or Cabinet of Poetry and Romance [1825]     

The Literary Souvenir, or Cabinet of Poetry and Romance [1825]

compiled by Alaric A. Watts

Table of Contents

1-2 Landon, Letitia Elizabeth (L. E. L.). The Decision of the Flower; [Poetry/2 pages]
3-22 Tayler, Rev. Charles Benjamin. Guyon of Marsielles; [Prose/20 pages]
23 Anonymous. The Bay of Naples; [Poetry/1 pages]
24 Russell, Lord John. Songs from Goethe; [Poetry/1 pages]
25-33 Anonymous. Imelda and Lambertazzi; [Prose/9 pages]
34-36 Cunningham, Allan. The Poet's Bridal-Day Song; [Poetry/3 pages]
37-63 Anonymous. Ishmael and Miriam; [Prose/27 pages]
64 Hemans, Mrs. Felicia. The Mother and Child; [Poetry/1 pages]
65-73 Landon, Letitia Elizabeth (L. E. L.). Christine; [Poetry/6 pages]
74-78 Watts, Alaric Alexander. The Death of the First Born; [Prose/8 pages]
79 Montgomery, James. Friends; [Poetry/1 pages]
80 Wrangham, Archbishop (Francis). Sonnet, "Soiled, but with no inglorious dust"; [Poetry/1 pages]
82 Opie, Mrs. Amelia. Sonnet, "The world invites thee"; [Poetry/1 pages]
83-84 Bowles, Rev. William Lisle. To Miss Stephens; [Poetry/2 pages]
85-93 Jewsbury, Maria Jane (Fletcher). The Young Author; [Prose/9 pages]
94-96 Hervey, Thomas Kibble. The Convict Ship; [Poetry/3 pages]
97-100 Moir, David Macbeth (Delta). To a Robin Redbreast in November; [Poetry/4 pages]
101-115 Southey, Robert. Mary Queen of Scots and Chatelar; [Prose/15 pages]
116-117 Anonymous. Mary Queen of Scots and Chatelar; [Poetry/2 pages]
118-120 Hemans, Mrs. Felicia. The Grave of Korner; [Poetry/3 pages]
121 Colton, Rev. Charles Caleb. Lines addressed to Lady L.; [Poetry/1 pages]
122-126 Hogg, James (Ettrick Shepherd). Invocation to Queen of the Fairies; [Poetry/5 pages]
127-148 Anonymous. The Golden Snuff-Box; [Prose/22 pages]
149-154 Campbell, Thomas. Lines on Scene in Bavaria; [Poetry/6 pages]
155-158 Watts, Alaric Alexander. Kirkstall-Abbey Revisted; [Poetry/3 pages]
159-175 D. (L.). New Year's Eve, the Omens; [Prose/18 pages]
176 Wiffen, Jeremiah Holmes. To a Lady with a Leaf; [Poetry/1 pages]
177-178 Read, William. To Rosa, with a Poem; [Poetry/2 pages]
179 O. To Mary; [Poetry/1 pages]
180-182 Moir, David Macbeth (Delta). Stanzas, "I stood upon the shore"; [Poetry/3 pages]
183-184 Wiffen, Jeremiah Holmes. Palmyra; [Poetry/2 pages]
185-186 Dale, Rev. Thomas. The Magdalen; [Poetry/2 pages]
187-197 Hervey, Thomas Kibble. Lyons; [Prose/11 pages]
198-199 Montgomery, James. A Poet's Benediction; [Poetry/2 pages]
200 Knowles, Herbert. Love; [Poetry/1 pages]
201-203 Jerdan, William. The Three Kates; [Poetry/3 pages]
204 Watts, Alaric Alexander. A Woman's Farewell; [Poetry/1 pages]
205-208 Jewsbury, Maria Jane (Fletcher). Song of the Hindoo Women; [Poetry/4 pages]
209 Knowles, Herbert. A Persian Precept; [Poetry/1 pages]
210 Fitzadam, Ismael. Lines, "Lady, look not thus mildly"; [Poetry/1 pages]
211-232 Maturin, Rev. Charles Robert. Leixlip Castle; an Irish Family Legend; [Prose/22 pages]
233-234 B. Greece; [Poetry/2 pages]
235 Wiffen, Jeremiah Holmes. Stanzas for Music, "Although dear maid"; [Poetry/1 pages]
236-237 Barnard, Rev. E. W. My Greyhounds; [Poetry/2 pages]
238-241 Wrangham, Archbishop (Francis). Six Sonnets; [Poetry/4 pages]
242 Read, William. Stanzas for Music, "The infant"; [Poetry/1 pages]
243-248 Jewsbury, Maria Jane (Fletcher). The Military Spectacle; [Prose/6 pages]
249-258 Bowles, Rev. William Lisle. The Sanctuary; a Dramatic Sketch; [Prose/10 pages]
259-263 Ainsworth, W. Harrison. The Fortress of Saguntum; [Poetry/5 pages]
264-282 Anonymous. Tradition of Saguntum Fortress; [Prose/19 pages]
283-284 Anonymous. The Last Adieu; [Poetry/2 pages]
285-286 Bowles, Rev. William Lisle. The Swallow and the Redbreast; [Poetry/2 pages]
287-288 Ainsworth, W. Harrison. An Imperfect Portrait; [Poetry/2 pages]
289-329 Hervey, Thomas Kibble. Aline Lorraine; a Tale; [Prose/41 pages]
330-332 Jewsbury, Maria Jane (Fletcher). Arria; an Historical Sketch; [Poetry/3 pages]
333-336 Anonymous. The Cemetery of Mount St. Louis; [Poetry/4 pages]
337-338 Wilson, Mrs. Cornwell Baron. Stanzas, "Thy cheek still wears"; [Poetry/2 pages]
339 Anonymous. The Drinking Song of Munich; [Poetry/1 pages]
340 M. Stanzas, "Yes, I have loved to hear"; [Poetry/1 pages]
341-371 Lyndsay, David. Ferouz-Abdel; Tale of an Upas Tree; [Prose/31 pages]
372 Southey, Robert. Stanzas to ****; [Poetry/1 pages]
373-374 Scott, Sir Walter. Epiloge; [Poetry/2 pages]
375-378 Landon, Letitia Elizabeth (L. E. L.). The Criminal; [Poetry/4 pages]
379-381 Barnard, Rev. E. W. The Angels Song; [Poetry/3 pages]
382 D. (R.). The Invitation; [Poetry/1 pages]
383-391 S. On Autographs; [Prose/9 pages]
392-410 Watts, Alaric Alexander. The Sleeping Cupid; [Poetry/2 pages]
411 Southey, Robert. Fidelity; [Poetry/1 pages]

List of Plates

Frontispiece, Decision of the Flower, (art.) Unidentified; (eng.) Unidentified.
The Mother and Child; (art.) Brockington, W.; (eng.) Unidentified.
The Bay of Naples; (art.) Fielding, Copley; (eng.) Unidentified.
Mary Queen of Scots and Chatelar; (art.) Unidentified; (eng.) Baker, R. R..
Kirkstall Abbey; (art.) Unidentified; (eng.) Unidentified.
The Fortress of Saguntum; (art.) Unidentified; (eng.) Unidentified.
Paris, from the Cemetery of Pere la Chaise; (art.) Unidentified; (eng.) Unidentified.
View of Lyons; (art.) Unidentified; (eng.) Unidentified.
Autographs, No. 1; (art.) Unidentified; (eng.) Unidentified.
Autographs, No. 2; (art.) Unidentified; (eng.) Unidentified.
Autographs, No. 3; (art.) Unidentified; (eng.) Unidentified.
Ismael and Miriam; (art.) Wright, J. W.; (eng.) Unidentified.

Date: 1825 (Web page revisions: 07/09/2006) Author: compiled by Alaric A. Watts (Web page revisions: Zach Weir).
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