The Keepsake for 1850

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Table of Contents, The Keepsake for 1850      

Table of Contents

1 Chorley, Henry F.. On the Portrait of Mrs. Horace Marryat; [Poetry/1 pages]
2 Abdy, Maria. The Government Appointment; [Prose/19 pages]
21 Savile, Charles Stuart. Faith, Hope and Charity; [Poetry/1 pages]
22 Wyndham, Mrs.. The Tournament; [Prose/15 pages]
37 Procter, Bryan W. (Barry Cornwall). Verdict ---"Found Dead"; [Poetry/3 pages]
40 Bernal, Ralph. The Cuirassier of London; [Prose/23 pages]
63 Savage, Anna (Anna Shipton). The Poet; [Poetry/1 pages]
64 Campbell, Captain R. Calder. The Clach na Seanish; [Prose/12 pages]
76 Crosland, Newton. London: Viewed in Two Sonnets; [Poetry/1 pages]
77 Chatelain, Chevalier de. Un Roman dans la Vie Reelle; [Prose/20 pages]
97 Wood, Ellen. The Exile's Wife to her sleeping Child; [Poetry/1 pages]
98 Herbert, Miss J. E.. Oh, for Life's Young Dream; [Poetry/1 pages]
99 Munro, Isabella. Two Nights beside the Zwart Kops; [Prose/14 pages]
113 V.. Parting Words; [Poetry/1 pages]
114 Munro, Georgina C.. The Spirit of Truth; [Prose/11 pages]
125 Abdy, Maria. The Wife's Song of Home; [Poetry/1 pages]
126 Blessington, Countess (Power, M). Domestic Pets; [Prose/10 pages]
136 Boyde, Percy. The Angel and the Spirit; [Poetry/2 pages]
138 Michell, Major Nicholas. The Stockbroker's Daughter; [Prose/19 pages]
157 Power, Miss Marguerite. Evening; [Poetry/2 pages]
159 De Calabrella, Baroness. A Sketch; [Prose/9 pages]
168 Peach, Louisa Courtnay. I cannot smile again; [Poetry/1 pages]
169 Michell, Major Nicholas. Cleonice; [Prose/13 pages]
182 Anonymous. A Woman's Wish; [Poetry/1 pages]
183 Sparrow, Alicia Jane (Mrs. W. P. O'Neil). Stanzas, "I do not idly cast"; [Poetry/2 pages]
185 Toulmin, Camilla ( Mrs. Crosland). The Two Ladies from Laura; [Prose/11 pages]
196 Abdy, Maria. The Home of Affection; [Poetry/1 pages]
197 R. (E. M.). A Fairy Tale of Olden Time; [Prose/7 pages]
204 Savage, Anna (Anna Shipton). Elfeda; [Poetry/7 pages]
211 O'Hara, Elizabeth. Extremes Meet; [Prose/14 pages]
225 Wilson, Florence. Dreams; [Poetry/1 pages]
226 Trevanion, Ada. The Two Portraits; [Poetry/3 pages]
229 Romer, Mrs. Isabella Frances. The Quarrel; [Prose/19 pages]
248 Sparrow, Alicia Jane (Mrs. W. P. O'Neil). Words of Love from Korner; [Poetry/1 pages]
249 Norris, Maria. The Siege of Rhodes; [Poetry/5 pages]
254 Hall, Mrs. S. C. (Anna Maria). The Wild Rose of Rosstrevor; [Prose/15 pages]
269 Norroy, Arthur. Self-Sacrifice; [Prose/3 pages]
272 Bartholomew, Mrs. Valentine. A Birthday Gift; [Poetry/1 pages]

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