The Keepsake for 1849

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List of the Plates, The Keepsake for 1849      

List of Plates

front Lady Constance Gower; (art.) Buckner, R.; (eng.) Mote, William H.
33 Bereavement; (art.) Corbould, Edward H.; (eng.) Heath, Alfred T.
35 Annot; (art.) Bouvier, A.; (eng.) Heath, Alfred T.
52 The Baroness; (art.) Newenham, Fred.; (eng.) Mote, William H.
94 Lady Georgina Codrington; (art.) Corbould, Edward H.; (eng.) Egleton, William H.
152 Madeline; (art.) Fisher, W.; (eng.) Mote, William H.
192 The Boulevard du Temple; (art.) Callow; (eng.) Verrall, John C.
216 Mrs. Maher; (art.) Crowley; (eng.) Mote, William H.
222 Lillian; (art.) Fisher, W.; (eng.) Heath, Alfred T.
227 Place de la Concorde; (art.) Bonne, W.; (eng.) Allen, James B
251 Lady Elizabeth Lascelles; (art.) Buckner, R.; (eng.) Mote, William H.
274 Steamer entering Folkestone Harbour; (art.) Clint, A.; (eng.) Verrall, John C.

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