The Keepsake for 1845

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The Keepsake for 1845      

The Keepsake for 1845

compiled by Countess of Blessington

Table of Contents

1 Power, Miss Marguerite. On Portrait of Viscountess Jocelyn; [Poetry/1 pages]
2 Sue, M. Eugene. Un Ouvrier Poete; [Poetry/9 pages]
11 Ogilvy, E. A. H.. A Legend of the Eileen Mohr; [Poetry/4 pages]
15 Landor, Walter Savage. Sent with Flowers; [Poetry/1 pages]
16 Harrison, William Henry, (H.). The Island Bride; [Prose/16 pages]
32 Octogenarius. The Vision of a Picture; [Poetry/2 pages]
34 Michell, Major Nicholas. The Ruined Squire; [Prose/15 pages]
49 Hall, Samuel Carter. The Fairy Ring; [Poetry/1 pages]
50 Hall, Mrs. S. C. (Anna Maria). The Fair Client; [Prose/13 pages]
63 Ruskin, John. The Old Seaman; [Poetry/2 pages]
65 Arlingcourt, Le Vicomte d'. Les Duex Jumelles; [Prose/8 pages]
73 Blessington, Countess (Power, M). Lord Byron's Room at Venice; [Poetry/3 pages]
76 White, Charles. Lions of Looristan; [Prose/12 pages]
88 Toulmin, Camilla ( Mrs. Crosland). Sonnet, "Another noon"; [Poetry/1 pages]
89 Berkeley, Grantley F.. God Encompasseth Us; [Poetry/1 pages]
90 Power, Miss Marguerite. The Withered Leaf; [Poetry/1 pages]
91 De Calabrella, Baroness. Once too Often; [Prose/18 pages]
109 Mundy, Major. The First Lily of the Season; [Poetry/1 pages]
110 Michell, Mrs.. Clarice Devereux; [Prose/24 pages]
134 Denison, Joseph William. The Wounded Conscript; [Poetry/2 pages]
136 Milnes, Richard Monckton. Charles I at Hampton Court; [Poetry/4 pages]
140 Power, Ellen. To a Child; [Poetry/1 pages]
141 Howard, Charles. The Portrait of Mrs. Montgomery; [Poetry/1 pages]
142 Cochrane, Alexander Baillie. Stanzas, When the twilight"; [Poetry/1 pages]
143 Hervey, Charles. Secrets of the Confessional; [Prose/7 pages]
150 Thompson, Rev. Henry. Prayer in Paradise; [Poetry/1 pages]
151 Manners, Lord John. The Occupation of the Convent at Aspezia; [Poetry/1 pages]
152 Sparrow, Alicia Jane (Mrs.W. P. O'Neil). The Poet's Crime; [Prose/10 pages]
162 K. (T. A.). The Bridal; [Poetry/1 pages]
163 Disraeli, Benjamin. Fantasia; [Poetry/3 pages]
166 Holme, Mrs. Margaret Torre. The Faith of Love; [Poetry/2 pages]
168 Simmons, B.. The Glen of the Grave; [Prose/17 pages]
185 Blessington, Countess (Power, M). Soliloquy of a Modern Fine Lady; [Poetry/2 pages]
187 Abdy, Maria. The Disinherited; [Poetry/3 pages]
190 Bernal, Ralph. The Rendezvous; [Prose/22 pages]
212 Garrow, Miss Theodosa. Mabel's Dove; [Prose/14 pages]
226 Westmacott, Richard. Vine Dresser's Cottage; [Prose/13 pages]
239 D'Oyley, Thomas. Faith; [Poetry/1 pages]
240 V.. The False Grave; [Prose/30 pages]
270 Ruskin, John. The Alps; [Poetry/1 pages]
271 Savage, Anna (Anna Shipton). The Boy Pygmalion; [Poetry/3 pages]

List of Plates

front Viscountess Jocelyn; (art.) Leslie, C. R., R. A.; (eng.) Mote, William H.
front Vignette Title; (art.) Ratclyffe, C. W.; (eng.) Radclyffe, Edward
27 The Island Bride; (art.) Corbould, Edward H.; (eng.) Heath, Alfred T.
56 The Fair Client; (art.) Stephanoff, F. P.; (eng.) Heath, Charles
73 Lord Byron's Room; (art.) Price, Lake; (eng.) Willmore, James T.
107 The Love Letter; (art.) Wright, J. W.; (eng.) Brain, John
141 Mrs. Alfred Montgomery; (art.) Grant, F., A. R. A.; (eng.) Mote, William H.
158 The Gondola; (art.) Cottrau; (eng.) Heath, Frederick A.
183 The Glen of the Grave; (art.) Warren, H; (eng.) Willmore, James T.
204 The Rendezvous; (art.) David, Louis; (eng.) Heath, Charles
237 The Last Farewell; (art.) Cottrau; (eng.) Heath, Charles
246 The False Grave; (art.) Corbould, Edward H.; (eng.) Rolls, Charles
271 The Heiress; (art.) Hayter, John; (eng.) Egleton, William H.

Date: 1845 (Web page revisions: 04/28/2006) Author: compiled by Countess of Blessington (Web page revisions: Zach Weir).
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