The Keepsake for 1835

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List of the Plates, The Keepsake for 1835      

List of Plates

front The Viscountess Beresford; (art.) Lawrence, Sir Thomas; (eng.) Heath, Charles
front Vignette Title; (art.) Parris, E. T.; (eng.) Mote, William H.
23 My Aunt Mansfield; (art.) Jenkins, J. J.; (eng.) Heath, Charles
27 The Lady and the Novel; (art.) Boxall, W.; (eng.) Heath, Charles
41 The Sledge; (art.) Aubrey, Charles H.; (eng.) Heath, Charles
60 The Love Quarrel; (art.) Sharpe, Miss Elisa; (eng.) Heath, Charles
84 The Letter; (art.) Wright, J. M., R. A.; (eng.) Heath, Charles
87 The Gipsy Children; (art.) Sharpe, Miss Elisa; (eng.) Edwards, J. C.
127 Carolina; (art.) Stephanoff, F. P.; (eng.) Bacon, Frederick
140 La Valiere; (art.) Chalon, A. E., R. A.; (eng.) Heath, Charles
169 The German Lovers; (art.) Retzsch, M.; (eng.) Heath, Charles
183 Lady Blance; (art.) Cattermole, George; (eng.) Heath, Charles
204 The Spirit of the Wye; (art.) Stephanoff, F. P.; (eng.) Chevalier, William
241 The Discovery; (art.) Stothard, Thomas, R.; (eng.) Rolls, Charles
260 The Earl of Surrey and the fair Geraldine; (art.) Cattermole, George; (eng.) Goodyear, Joseph
275 The Widowed Mother; (art.) Sharpe, Miss Elisa; (eng.) Bacon, Frederick
P P Presentation Plate; (art.) Corbould, Henry, R.; (eng.) Cook, Henry

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