The Keepsake for 1833

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List of the Plates, The Keepsake for 1833      

List of Plates

front The Adieu; (art.) Chalon, A. E., R. A.; (eng.) Heath, Charles
front Medalion of the Kings with ornament; (art.) Wyon, W. & H. Corbou; (eng.) Lacey & S. Mitan
27 The unlooked-for-return; (art.) Sharpe, Miss Louisa; (eng.) Goodyear, Joseph
34 Juliet; (art.) Liverseege, H.; (eng.) Heath, Charles
65 Caius Marias mourning Carthage ruins; (art.) Martin, John; (eng.) Wallace
82 The Bridesmaid; (art.) Parris, E. T.; (eng.) Heath, Charles
84 Ehernbreitatein; (art.) Turner, J. M. W., R.; (eng.) Wallis, Robert
136 Flora; (art.) Sharpe, Miss Louisa; (eng.) Engleheart, Timothy
152 Alice; (art.) Corbould, Henry, R.; (eng.) Rolls, Charles
187 Malvolio; (art.) Wright, J. M., R. A.; (eng.) Heath, Charles
199 Pepita; (art.) Cattermole, George; (eng.) Rolls, Charles
211 Rosina; (art.) Boxall, W.; (eng.) Edwards, J. C.
251 Verrix in the Val d'Aosta; (art.) Stanfield, W. Clarks; (eng.) Heath, Charles
283 Jeanie in the Outlaw's Hut; (art.) Richter, Henry; (eng.) Rolls, Charles
288 Fall of the Rhine; (art.) Turner, J. M. W., R.; (eng.) Allen, James B
302 One Peep was enough; (art.) Richter, Henry; (eng.) Bacon, Frederick
P P The Presentation Plate; (art.) Corbould, Henry, R.; (eng.) Mitan, Samuel

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