The Keepsake for 1832

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List of the Plates, The Keepsake for 1832      

List of Plates

front Vignette Title; (art.) Corbould, Henry, R.; (eng.) Mitan, Samuel
front Mrs. Stanhope; (art.) Rochard, Francis; (eng.) Heath, Charles
24 Constance; (art.) Sharpe, Miss Louisa; (eng.) Heath, Charles
90 The Champion; (art.) Chalon, A. E., R. A.; (eng.) Bacon, Frederick
114 The Countess at her Toilette; (art.) Deveria; (eng.) Bacon, Frederick
129 Good Angels; (art.) Howard, Henry, R. A.; (eng.) Rolls, Charles
159 The Repentance of Nineveh; (art.) Martin, John; (eng.) Le Keux, Henry
203 Isola Bella; (art.) Stanfield, W. Clarks; (eng.) Willmore, James T.
215 Lord Byron's Dream; (art.) Harding, James Duffi; (eng.) Willmore, James T.
239 Do You Remember It?; (art.) Sharpe, Miss Louisa; (eng.) Heath, Charles
254 Caroline Dammerel; (art.) Wright, J. W.; (eng.) Edwards, J. C.
265 Marly; (art.) Turner, J. M. W., R.; (eng.) Miller, William
282 Interior of Zwinger Palace; (art.) Prout, Samuel, F. S.; (eng.) Wallis, William
287 Saint Germain-en-Lave; (art.) Turner, J. M. W., R.; (eng.) Wallis, William
309 The Wedding; (art.) Sharpe, Miss Louisa; (eng.) Rolls, Charles
319 Scandal; (art.) Smirke, R., R. A.; (eng.) Mitchell, James
P P The Presentation Plate; (art.) Corbould, Henry, R.; (eng.) Heath, Charles

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