The Keepsake for 1831

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List of the Plates, The Keepsake for 1831      

List of Plates

front Haidee; (art.) Eastlake, Charles, R; (eng.) Heath, Charles
front Vignette Title; (art.) Flaxman, J., R. A.; (eng.) Thomson, James
16 The Gondola; (art.) Stephanoff, F. P.; (eng.) Heath, Charles
36 Juliet; (art.) Sharpe, Miss; (eng.) Edwards, J. C.
54 Mims; (art.) Cristall; (eng.) Heath, Charles
84 The Use of Tears; (art.) Bonington, Richard P; (eng.) Rolls, Charles
102 Nestor and Tydides; (art.) Westall, Richard, R.; (eng.) Brandard, Robert
122 The Swiss Peasant; (art.) Howard, Henry, R. A.; (eng.) Heath, Charles
158 Sea-Shore, Cornwall; (art.) Bonington, Richard P; (eng.) Miller, William
174 The Knight, the Monk, and the Lady; (art.) Stephanoff, F. P.; (eng.) Heath, Charles
183 Adelaide; (art.) Chalon, A. E., R. A.; (eng.) Heath, Charles
222 Saumur; (art.) Turner, J. M. W., R.; (eng.) Wallis, William
246 Milan Cathedral; (art.) Prout, Samuel, F. S.; (eng.) Wallis, William
273 Nantes; (art.) Turner, J. M. W., R.; (eng.) Willmore, James T.
302 The Secret; (art.) Smirke, R., R. A.; (eng.) Mitchell, James
309 Chacun a son gout; (art.) Stephanoff, J.; (eng.) Bacon, Frederick
315 The Orphan Boy; (art.) Cristall; (eng.) Heath, Charles
P P Presentation Plate; (art.) Corbould, Henry, R.; (eng.) Heath, Charles

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