Heath's Book of Beauty for 1846

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Table of Contents, Heath's Book of Beauty for 1846      

Table of Contents

1 Simmons, B.. The Bride; [Poetry/2 pages]
3 Blessington, Countess (Power, M). Clemence D'Eperon; [Prose/12 pages]
15 Abdy, Maria. Lines on the Portrait of a friend; [Poetry/2 pages]
17 Milnes, Richard Monckton. Clent Hill; [Poetry/2 pages]
19 Power, Miss Marguerite. On Portrait of Lady Jermyn; [Poetry/1 pages]
20 Ogilvy, E. A. H.. A Night in the Palanquin; [Prose/12 pages]
32 Power, Miss Marguerite. On Portrait of Donna Inez; [Poetry/1 pages]
33 Hervey, Charles. Monday and Tuesday; [Prose/7 pages]
40 Stuart-Wortley, Lady Emmeline. Madame de la Valliere to Louis XIV; [Poetry/4 pages]
44 Septagenarian, A. On Portrait of Mrs.Beresford Taylor; [Poetry/1 pages]
45 Michell, Major Nicholas. The Rebel's Wife; [Prose/18 pages]
63 Garrow, Miss Theodosa. Paolina. Song.; [Poetry/2 pages]
65 Roberts, Miss Mary. On Seeing a Young Lady Weep; [Poetry/1 pages]
66 Harrison, William Henry, (H.). On Portrait of the Hon. Mrs. _; [Poetry/1 pages]
67 Holme, Mrs. Margaret Torre. A Few Words on Brittany; [Prose/10 pages]
77 Abdy, Maria. The Magician. an old Legend; [Poetry/3 pages]
80 P. (G. C.). Uncle Benjie's Ring; [Prose/9 pages]
89 Scott, Mrs. F. B.. Sonnet: Rome; [Poetry/1 pages]
90 Sparrow, Alicia Jane (Mrs. W. P. O'Neil). On Portraits of Misses M'Leod; [Poetry/2 pages]
92 Lennox, Lord William. The Rankstown Election; [Prose/8 pages]
100 Savage, Anna (Anna Shipton). Life's Last Flower; [Poetry/1 pages]
101 Watts, Alaric. Alexander. The Aniversary; [Poetry/1 pages]
102 Smith, Albert. The Struggles of Terpsichore; [Prose/7 pages]
109 Ruskin, John. Written Among the Basses Alpes; [Poetry/1 pages]
110 Ruskin, John. The Glacier; [Poetry/1 pages]
111 Savage, Anna (Anna Shipton). On Portrait of Lady Henrietta; [Poetry/2 pages]
113 Munro, Georgina C.. The Pawnee's Ransom; [Prose/24 pages]
137 Wilson, Florence. Song of the Coquette; [Poetry/2 pages]
139 Savile, Charles Stuart. On Portrait of Lady Brooke; [Poetry/1 pages]
140 Aguilar, Grace. The Val Des Rivages; [Prose/26 pages]
166 Denison, Joseph William. Lines Upon an Old Manor House; [Poetry/2 pages]
168 Treacy, Miss E.. On Portrait of Mrs. Young; [Poetry/1 pages]
169 Smythe, George. Dante at Court of Philippe Le Bel; [Poetry/5 pages]
174 Anonymous. Tancredi and Constantia; [Prose/7 pages]
181 Walker, Mrs. Eliza. The Widow's Daughter; [Prose/14 pages]
195 Toulmin, Camilla ( Mrs. Crosland). Josephine; [Prose/5 pages]
200 Anonymous. On Portrait of Mrs. A. J. Lewis; [Poetry/2 pages]
202 Chatelain, Chevalier de. A Parisian Couple; [Prose/7 pages]
209 Ross, Miss G. Fanny. Venice by J. M. W. Turner; [Poetry/1 pages]
210 Marryat, Captain Frederick. The Old Brown Coat; [Prose/7 pages]
217 Toulmin, Camilla ( Mrs. Crosland). On Portrait of Miss Lucy B_; [Poetry/2 pages]
219 A. (S.). The Stolen Piece of Linen; [Prose/16 pages]
235 Bernal, Ralph. A Slight Comparison; [Poetry/1 pages]
236 Berkeley, Grantley F.. Not a Fiction, But a Fact; [Prose/5 pages]
241 Aguilar, Grace. The Spirit of the Night; [Prose/8 pages]
249 Blessington, Countess (Power, M). Lines on a Portrait; [Poetry/1 pages]
250 St. John, Miss E. A. Vincento Di Civitetta; [Prose/20 pages]
270 Procter, Bryan W. (Barry Cornwall). An Apology in Verse; [Poetry/2 pages]
272 Robertson, Lord. A Dream; [Poetry/2 pages]

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