Heath's Book of Beauty for 1844

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Table of Contents, Heath's Book of Beauty for 1844      

Table of Contents

1 Power, Miss Marguerite. To the Lady Clemintina Villiers; [Poetry/2 pages]
3 Lee, Abbott. Money and Love; [Prose/31 pages]
34 Howard, Charles. To The Viscountess Barington; [Poetry/2 pages]
36 Sparrow, Alicia Jane (Mrs. W. P. O'Neil). The Trial of Constancy; [Prose/12 pages]
52 Beattie, Dr. William. Lines on Portrait of Lady Villiers; [Poetry/2 pages]
76 Hervey, Charles. The Brigands of Naples; [Prose/7 pages]
83 Power, Miss Marguerite. On Portrait of Lady Lester; [Poetry/1 pages]
84 Hall, Mrs. S. C. (Anna Maria). The Widow of Cairnlough; [Prose/12 pages]
96 Smith, Horace. Portrait of Miss Craven; [Poetry/1 pages]
97 Michell, Major Nicholas. Ernest Durant; [Prose/20 pages]
117 Swain, Charles. A Lament; [Poetry/1 pages]
118 Hallam, Henry. Lines on Mrs. Simon Digby; [Poetry/1 pages]
119 Romer, Mrs. Isabella Frances. The Gitana; [Prose/26 pages]
145 Swain, Charles. On Portrait of Miss Sandys; [Poetry/1 pages]
146 Bulwer-Lytton, Edward George. Content and Desire; [Poetry/2 pages]
148 Lennox, Lord William. Consiletta; [Prose/10 pages]
154 Landor, Walter Savage. Aesop and Rhodope; [Prose/22 pages]
158 Maberley, Mrs. Catherine Charlotte. Count Azzo's Death; [Poetry/4 pages]
162 Wilkinson, John Gardner. The Amazons; [Poetry/5 pages]
167 Stuart-Wortley, Lady Emmeline. To Lady Villiers on Her Birthday; [Poetry/2 pages]
169 Johns, Richard. On Portrait of Miss Hope Vere; [Poetry/1 pages]
170 Blessington, Countess (Power, M). A Railroad Adventure; [Prose/7 pages]
177 Milnes, Richard Monckton. The Hareem; [Poetry/3 pages]
180 Berkeley, Grantley F.. Bourne Mouth; [Prose/9 pages]
191 Abdy, Maria. Dormant Talents; [Prose/12 pages]
213 Garrow, Miss Theodosa. The Bees; [Poetry/2 pages]
215 Simmons, B.. Lines Given with Roger's Italy; [Poetry/1 pages]
216 Blessington, Countess (Power, M). On Portrait of Viscountess Canning; [Poetry/1 pages]
217 Power, Ellen. Lines, "I see the flow'rets blossoming"; [Poetry/1 pages]
218 Toulmin, Camilla ( Mrs. Crosland). Passages in Life of Heiress; [Prose/15 pages]
233 Landor, Walter Savage. To Lady Beauclerk on Her Marriage; [Poetry/1 pages]
234 Procter, Bryan W. (Barry Cornwall). Avis Au Lecteur; [Poetry/1 pages]
235 Holme, Mrs. Margaret Torre. The Page; [Poetry/4 pages]
239 Landor, Walter Savage. A Vision; [Poetry/4 pages]
242 D’Oyley, Thomas. On Portrait of Lady Lennox; [Poetry/1 pages]
244 Maberley, Mrs. Catherine Charlotte. One Tear; [Poetry/1 pages]
245 Anonymous. The Studenten-Kneipe; [Prose/30 pages]
275 T. (A. H.). Stanzas for Music; [Poetry/3 pages]
276 Cochrane, Alexander Baillie. On Death of Charles the Martyr; [Poetry/1 pages]
279 Denison, Joseph William. Farewell of Mary, Queen of Scots; [Poetry/2 pages]

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