Heath's Book of Beauty for 1842

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List of the Plates, Heath's Book of Beauty for 1842      

List of Plates

front Her Majesty the Queen; (art.) Drummond, W.; (eng.) Unidentified
10 H. R. H. The Princess of Capua; (art.) Chalon, A. E., R. A.; (eng.) Unidentified
44 Baroness De Ruthyn; (art.) Hayter, John; (eng.) Unidentified
55 The Viscountess Sydney; (art.) Hayter, John; (eng.) Unidentified
73 The Lady Gray Egerton; (art.) Hayter, John; (eng.) Unidentified
100 The Lady Vivian and Child; (art.) Corbaux, Fanny; (eng.) Unidentified
135 Miss Power; (art.) Drummond, W.; (eng.) Unidentified
178 Miss Bligh; (art.) Fisher, W.; (eng.) Unidentified
206 The Hon, Miss Forester; (art.) Grant; (eng.) Unidentified
222 Mrs. Mountjoy Martyn; (art.) Fisher, W.; (eng.) Unidentified
259 Mrs. Dennistown and Child; (art.) Partridge; (eng.) Unidentified
276 Mrs. Rose and Child; (art.) Drummond, W.; (eng.) Unidentified

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