Heath's Book of Beauty for 1837

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List of the Plates, Heath's Book of Beauty for 1837      

List of Plates

front The Marchioness of Abercorn and Child; (art.) Landseer, Edwin, A.; (eng.) Thomson, James
front Vignette Title; (art.) Unwins, Thomas, R. A; (eng.) Robinson, Henry
4 Habiba; (art.) Chalon, A. E., R. A.; (eng.) Eagleton, W
32 Juliet; (art.) Bostock, J.; (eng.) Eagleton, W
38 Francesca; (art.) Herbert, J. R.; (eng.) Robinson, Henry
92 Ila; (art.) Bostock, J.; (eng.) Austin, H.
105 Portrait of Lady Sykes; (art.) Chalon, A. E., R. A.; (eng.) Mote, William H.
110 Sultana; (art.) Meadows, H.; (eng.) Austin, H.
119 Honoria; (art.) Parris, E.T.; (eng.) Robinson, Henry
137 The Countess; (art.) Stone, Frank; (eng.) Dean, T. A.
138 Grace; (art.) Stephanoff, F. P.; (eng.) Mote, William H.
177 Lucilla; (art.) Parris, E.T.; (eng.) Cook, Henry
187 The First Dream of Love; (art.) M'Clise, Daniel, A.; (eng.) Mote, William H.
188 Hermance; (art.) Chalon, A. E., R. A.; (eng.) Cook, Henry
204 Minna; (art.) Parris, E.T.; (eng.) Robinson, Henry
223 Felicite'; (art.) M'Clise, Daniel, A.; (eng.) Robinson, Henry
232 Nourmahal; (art.) Meadows, H.; (eng.) Mote, William H.
241 The Fair Student; (art.) Seyfforth, Mrs.; (eng.) Dean, T. A.

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