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List of the Plates, Friendship's Offering: Winter' Wreath, for 1844      

List of Plates

front Umpires of the Combat; (art.) Stone, Frank; (eng.) Finden, Edward
front Illustrated Title; (art.) Wood, E. C.; (eng.) Gilks, T
12 The Look-Out; (art.) Chisholme, A.; (eng.) Finden, Edward
33 The Well of St. Keyne; (art.) Wood, E. C.; (eng.) Fisher, Samuel
59 The Coast of Genoa; (art.) R. , J; (eng.) Armytage, James C.
81 The Destroying Angel; (art.) Harlowe, G. H.; (eng.) Fernell, H.
113 The Sacrifice; (art.) Cattermole, George; (eng.) Brain, John
141 Le Glacier des Bois; (art.) R. , J; (eng.) Armytage, James C.
169 The Maiden's Tower, Constantinople; (art.) Manwaring, G.; (eng.) Fisher, Samuel
209 The Landing Place; (art.) Danby, J.; (eng.) Radclyffe, Edward

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