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Friendship's Offering: Winter's Wreath, for 1842     

Friendship's Offering: Winter' Wreath, for 1842

compiled by Leitch Ritchie

Table of Contents

1 Toulmin, Camilla ( Mrs. Crosland). The Mighty Dead; [Poetry/3 pages]
4 Ritchie, Leitch. The Sorties, Schrarz Wald Tale; [Prose/44 pages]
48 Ruskin, John. The Last Song of Arion; [Poetry/9 pages]
57 Burdon, Miss Hannah D.. The Bachelor's Last Offer; [Prose/16 pages]
73 Norton, Mrs. Erskine of Rio de Janeiro. The Spanish Lady; [Prose/35 pages]
108 Victoire, Victoire. The Dim Wood Grot; [Poetry/1 pages]
109 Toulmin, Camilla ( Mrs. Crosland). The Fate of Gaston; [Prose/30 pages]
139 Stone, Thomas Henry. To Genevieve; [Poetry/5 pages]
144 Blessington, Countess (Power, M). Similes; [Poetry/1 pages]
145 Ritchie, Leitch. Sing Away!; [Poetry/1 pages]
146 Mackenzie, R. Shelton. The Departed; [Poetry/3 pages]
149 Herschell, J. F. W.. Sonnet, "Wrecks of forgotten thought"; [Poetry/1 pages]
150 Burney, Colonel H.. The Teacher of Tekkatho; [Prose/11 pages]
161 Procter, Bryan W. (Barry Cornwall). The Pearl Wearer; [Poetry/2 pages]
163 Bernays, Leopold J.. Dante; [Poetry/3 pages]
166 Anonymous. Legend of Carisbrooke Castle; [Prose/10 pages]
176 Sparrow, Alicia Jane (Mrs. W. P. O'Neil). To the Memory of one lamented; [Poetry/2 pages]
178 Ruskin, John. The Hills of Carrara; [Poetry/3 pages]
181 Walker, Mrs. Eliza. The Convent Door; [Poetry/2 pages]
183 Power, Miss Marguerite. Lines, "When we first met"; [Poetry/1 pages]
184 Aguilar, Grace. The Triumph of Love; [Prose/28 pages]
212 Macdonald, Miss H. B.. The Greenlander; [Poetry/3 pages]
215 Ainsworth, W. Harrison. Written in an Album; [Poetry/2 pages]
217 Moss, Miss Celia. Neela, a Tale of Jews in England; [Prose/22 pages]
239 Abdy, Maria. A Match of Affection; [Poetry/2 pages]
241 Savage, Anna (Anna Shipton). Lago di Como; [Poetry/1 pages]
242 Bray, Mrs.. To a Lady on the Birth of an Infant; [Poetry/1 pages]
243 Walker, Mrs. Eliza. An Evening at Dr. Kitchener's; [Prose/7 pages]
250 Lewis, Charles. Not lost, but gone before; [Poetry/3 pages]
253 Savage, Anna (Anna Shipton). The Song of the Cantatrice; [Poetry/4 pages]
257 Jones, Henry. French Song; [Poetry/1 pages]
258 Toulmin, Camilla ( Mrs. Crosland). The Smuggler's Wife; [Prose/15 pages]
273 Sheridan, Miss Louisa H.. The Invalid to her Mother; [Poetry/1 pages]
274 Scaife, Miss Elizabeth. Upon the glistening Fountain; [Poetry/1 pages]
275 Scaife, Miss Elizabeth. Marie Lanilla; [Prose/11 pages]
286 Browne (Gray), Mary Ann. Letter to the Dead; [Poetry/3 pages]
289 Toulmin, Camilla ( Mrs. Crosland). The Dancing Girls; [Poetry/2 pages]
291 Lambert, Mrs.. A Tale of the Consulate; [Prose/25 pages]
316 Bourcicault, Dionysius L.. The Village Oak; [Poetry/2 pages]
318 Sutton, Mrs. Frederick. The Spartan Mother; [Poetry/2 pages]
320 Anonymous. The Origin of Walking Sticks; [Poetry/2 pages]
322 Pigott, Harriet. The Royal British Bowmen; [Poetry/1 pages]
323 Heber, Bishop. The Erthig Bow-Meeeting; [Poetry/2 pages]
325 Ritchie, Leitch. The Swing; [Poetry/1 pages]
326 Abdy, Maria. Autographs; [Poetry/3 pages]
329 Richardson, Mrs. C. E.. Two Days in the Country; [Prose/16 pages]
345 Stuart-Wortley, Lady Emmeline. I Wept !; [Poetry/1 pages]
346 Procter, Bryan W. (Barry Cornwall). Song,"Come! Let me dive into thine eyes"; [Poetry/1 pages]
359 Ruskin, John. The Broken Chain; [Poetry/16 pages]
374 Brown, J. Houston. The Black de Bourghs; [Poetry/1 pages]
375 Booth, D. Ellen. Miss Smith; [Prose/9 pages]
384 Toulmin, Camilla ( Mrs. Crosland). Lines on the Frontispiece; [Poetry/1 pages]

List of Plates

front The Presentation Plate; (art.) Corbould, Henry, R.; (eng.) Cook, J. W.
front Georgiana; (art.) Newton, Sir W. J.; (eng.) Periam, G. A.
37 Ariel; (art.) Parris, E.T.; (eng.) Bacon, Frederick
73 The Seneschal; (art.) Mulready, W., R. A.; (eng.) Shenton, Henry C.
109 The Town and Castle of Foix; (art.) Oliver, W.; (eng.) Jeavons, Thomas
145 The Musical Enthusiast; (art.) Stephanoff, F. P.; (eng.) Bull, Samuel
181 The Convent Door; (art.) Wood, E. C.; (eng.) Radclyffe, William
241 Belaggio, on the Lake of Como; (art.) Richardson, T. M.; (eng.) Radclyffe, Edward
289 Egyptian Girls Dancing Before Travelers; (art.) Warren, H.; (eng.) Fisher, Samuel
324 The Garden Swing; (art.) Andrews, H; (eng.) Cook, Henry

Date: 1842 (Web page revisions: 04/26/2006) Author: compiled by Leitch Ritchie (Web page revisions: Zach Weir).
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