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Friendship's Offering: Winter's Wreath, for 1841     

Friendship's Offering: Winter' Wreath, for 1841

compiled by William Henry Harrison

Table of Contents

1 Norton, Mrs. Erskine of Rio de Janeiro. Claude Rovani; [Prose/36 pages]
37 Ruskin, John. Tears of Psammenitus; [Poetry/9 pages]
46 Lambert, Mrs.. La Vendetta. a Tale of Sicily; [Prose/20 pages]
66 Harrison, William Henry, (H.). To my Daughter, "Now joy to thee"; [Poetry/2 pages]
68 Harrison, William Henry, (H.). The Past and the Future; [Poetry/1 pages]
69 Etty, W. R. A.. A Sketch from Nature; [Poetry/4 pages]
73 Ruskin, John. The Two Paths; [Poetry/2 pages]
75 Harrison, William Henry, (H.). The Collegian of Coimbra; [Prose/32 pages]
107 Ruskin, John. The Old Water-wheel; [Poetry/1 pages]
108 Gibson, J. A.. Sunset; [Poetry/1 pages]
109 Miller, Thomas. The Happy Valley; [Poetry/4 pages]
113 Anonymous. Home; [Poetry/1 pages]
114 St. John, James Augustus The Prose of the King; [Prose/25 pages]
139 Lovell, George William. A Phantom Fact; [Poetry/5 pages]
144 Gibson, J. A.. The Wood; [Poetry/1 pages]
145 Cunningham, Allan. Mary of Scotland; [Prose/22 pages]
167 Harrison, William Henry, (H.). To Sarah, "Sing me a song"; [Poetry/1 pages]
168 Ruskin, John. Farewell !; [Poetry/13 pages]
181 Harrison, William Henry, (H.). Noon; [Poetry/3 pages]
182 Taylor, William Cooke. The Tomb of Solomon; [Prose/31 pages]
213 Gibson, J. A.. The Early Time; [Poetry/1 pages]
214 Gibson, J. A.. Flowers; [Poetry/3 pages]
217 Ruskin, John. The Departed Light; [Poetry/1 pages]
218 Gibson, J. A.. The Wallflower; [Poetry/1 pages]
219 Strickland, Agnes. The Pirate's Grave; [Prose/28 pages]
247 Hankinson, T. E.. The Burning of the Royal Exchange; [Prose/8 pages]
251 Alcaeus. The Four Wonders; [Poetry/2 pages]
253 Lowther, Eden. The Forester; [Prose/17 pages]
270 Harrison, William Henry, (H.). Album Verses; [Poetry/2 pages]
272 Ellis, Mrs. (Sarah Stickney). The Court of Navarre; [Prose/15 pages]
287 Gibson, J. A.. An Old Scene Revisited; [Poetry/1 pages]
288 Ruskin, John. Agonia; [Poetry/1 pages]
289 Lovell, George William. The Beg's Daughter; [Prose/21 pages]
310 Harrison, William Henry, (H.). To Marianna; [Poetry/1 pages]
311 Ruskin, John. The Broken Chain; [Poetry/9 pages]
320 Hervey, Thomas Kibble. Homes and Graves; [Poetry/3 pages]
323 Alcaeus. The Sea Shell; [Poetry/2 pages]
325 Effendi. Soliman, the Janizary; [Prose/29 pages]
354 Lovell, George William. The Heir of Dunrea; [Poetry/7 pages]
361 Harrison, William Henry, (H.). My First Client; [Prose/15 pages]
376 Hervey, Thomas Kibble. A Dream; [Poetry/? pages]

List of Plates

front The Presentation Plate; (art.) Corbould, Henry, R.; (eng.) Cook, J. W.
front The Discovery; (art.) Herbert, J. R.; (eng.) Fox, Augustus
37 Temple at Luxor; (art.) Didbin, T. C.; (eng.) Kernot, James H.
73 Morning Devotion; (art.) Smyth, G; (eng.) Bacon, Frederick
109 The Happy Valley; (art.) Warren, H.; (eng.) Smith, William R.
145 Mary, Queen of Scots, at Battle of Langside; (art.) Andrews, H; (eng.) Cook, Henry
181 The Honourable Lady Caroline Stanhope; (art.) Stone, Frank; (eng.) Periam, G. A.
217 View in the Campagna of Rome; (art.) Crouch, W.; (eng.) Fisher, Samuel
253 The Crisis; (art.) Jones, S. J. E.; (eng.) Rolls, Henry
289 The Beg's Daughter; (art.) Warren, H.; (eng.) Smith, William R.
325 Constantinople; (art.) Bentley, C.; (eng.) Godden, J.

Date: 1841 (Web page revisions: 04/26/2006) Author: compiled by William Henry Harrison (Web page revisions: Zach Weir).
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