Friendship's Offering for 1832

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List of the Plates, Friendship's Offering for 1832      

List of Plates

front The Presentation Plate; (art.) Corbould, Henry, R.; (eng.) Cook, J. W.
front Lady Carrington; (art.) Lawrence, Sir Thomas; (eng.) Rolls, Charles
34 The Fairy of the Lake; (art.) Richter, Henry; (eng.) Finden, Edward
73 The Poet's Dream; (art.) Westall, Richard, R.; (eng.) Goodyear, Joseph
128 The Embarkation; (art.) Holmes, James; (eng.) Brandard, Robert
157 The Orphan; (art.) Holmes, James; (eng.) Shenton, Henry C.
181 Expectation; (art.) Wood, E. C.; (eng.) Finden, William
217 The Greek Mother; (art.) Corbould, Henry, R.; (eng.) Rolls, Henry
256 The Dismal Tale; (art.) Stothard, Thomas, R.; (eng.) Shenton, Henry C.
303 The Palace; (art.) Purser, William; (eng.) Finden, Edward
348 Myrrhina and Myrto; (art.) Wood, John; (eng.) Dean, T. A.
382 The Prediction; (art.) Johannot, Alfred; (eng.) Rolls, Charles

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