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Fisher's Drawing Room Scrap Book for 1852     

Fisher's Drawing Room Scrap Book for 1852

compiled by Charles Mackay

Table of Contents

5 Mackay, Charles. The Sister's Avowal; [Poetry/1 pages]
6 Mackay, Charles. Sweet are the uses of Adversity; [Poetry/2 pages]
7 Mackay, Charles. Indifference; [Poetry/1 pages]
8 Mackay, Charles. My Playfellow; [Poetry/2 pages]
9 Mackay, Charles. The Sympathy of the Bells; [Poetry/1 pages]
10 Mackay, Charles. The Musical Soiree; [Poetry/3 pages]
13 Mackay, Charles. A Thought amid the Streams; [Poetry/2 pages]
14 Mackay, Charles. The Embassy of the Flower; [Poetry/1 pages]
15 Brooks, Charles William Shirley. The Surprise; [Poetry/4 pages]
19 Mackay, Charles. Puritan Soldier Preaching; [Poetry/1 pages]
20 Chatelain, Chevalier de. Longchamps; [Poetry/3 pages]
23 Mackay, Charles. Unhappy Love; [Poetry/2 pages]
24 Mackay, Charles. Angelic Visitants; [Poetry/1 pages]
25 Mackay, Charles. The Past and the Present; [Poetry/2 pages]
26 Lemon, Mark. Joseph Paxton; [Poetry/1 pages]
27 Chatelain, Chevalier de. Elle N'est Plus!; [Poetry/2 pages]
29 Mackay, Charles. Rosa's Canary; [Poetry/2 pages]
30 Mackay, Charles. Mary; [Poetry/1 pages]
31 Mackay, Charles. The Dog of the Revolution; [Poetry/2 pages]
32 H. (C. F.). Dressed for the Ball; [Poetry/1 pages]
33 Mackay, Charles. The Traveller's Tale; [Poetry/4 pages]
37 Mackay, Charles. The Serenade and the Serenaded Lady; [Poetry/2 pages]
39 Mackay, Charles. Young Genius; [Poetry/3 pages]
42 Mackay, Charles. The Flirt; [Poetry/1 pages]
43 Mackay, Charles. Reveries amid the Sunward Hills; [Poetry/2 pages]
45 Author of "The Olive.". Montroe's Last Battle; [Poetry/3 pages]
48 Mackay, Charles. The Withered Flowers; [Poetry/1 pages]
49 Horne, Richard Hengist. Cromwell, a dramatic Scene; [Poetry/2 pages]
51 Smith, Albert. Reflections under the walls of Constantinople; [Poetry/2 pages]
53 Mackay, Charles. The Duomo of Syracuse; [Poetry/2 pages]
55 Mackay, Charles. The Old Philosopher's Advice to the Younger One; [Poetry/2 pages]
57 Hervey, Mrs. T. K.. Muriel; [Poetry/2 pages]
59 Mackay, Charles. The Dionysia; [Poetry/3 pages]
62 Mackay, Charles. Cathedral Music: The Voluntary; [Poetry/3 pages]
64 Mackay, Charles. Speaking Likeness; [Poetry/1 pages]
65 Mackay, Charles. The Legend of the Bridge; [Poetry/4 pages]

List of Plates

front The Sister's Avowal; (art.) Parris, E.T.; (eng.) Robinson, Henry
front Sweet are the Uses of Adversity; (art.) Stephenson, J.; (eng.) Stephenson, James
7 Indifference; (art.) Corbould, Edward H.; (eng.) Egleton, William H.
8 My Playfellow; (art.) Ross, Sir Willam C.,; (eng.) Robinson, Henry
9 The Cathedral of Malines; (art.) Allom, Thomas; (eng.) Le Keux, Henry
10 Soiree; (art.) Lami, Eugene; (eng.) Stocks, Lumb
13 The Gave de Gavarnie; (art.) Allom, Thomas; (eng.) Floyd, William
14 The Embassy of the Flower; (art.) Stephanoff, F. P.; (eng.) Robinson, Henry
15 The Surprise; (art.) Corbould, Edward H.; (eng.) Heath, Alfred T.
19 Puritian Soldier Preaching; (art.) Cattermole, George; (eng.) Radclyffe, William
20 The Promenade of Longchamps; (art.) Lami, Eugene; (eng.) Allen, James B
23 Unhappy Love; (art.) Corbould, Edward H.; (eng.) Brown, Joseph
24 Abraham and the three Angels; (art.) Murillo; (eng.) Holl, Francis
25 Past and Present; (art.) Allom, Thomas; (eng.) Prior, Thomas A.
26 Joseph Paxton; (art.) Kilburn, W. E.; (eng.) Jenkins, Joseph John
27 The Queen of the Belgians; (art.) Ross, Sir Willam C.,; (eng.) Robinson, Henry
29 Rosa's Canary; (art.) Chalon, A. E., R. A.; (eng.) Mote, William H.
30 Mary; (art.) Chalon, A. E., R. A.; (eng.) Robinson, Henry
31 Chambers of Representatives; (art.) Allom, Thomas; (eng.) Bradshaw, Samuel
32 Dressed for the Ball; (art.) Ross, Sir Willam C.,; (eng.) Robinson, Henry
33 A Cabaret in the Pyrenees (rainy day); (art.) Allom, Thomas; (eng.) Fox, Augustus
37 The Serenade; (art.) Liverseege, H.; (eng.) Heath, Charles
39 Young Genius; (art.) Wright, J. W.; (eng.) Holl, William
42 The Flirt; (art.) David, Louis; (eng.) Heath, Charles
43 The Sunward Hills; (art.) Allom, Thomas; (eng.) Radclyffe, William
45 The Retreat of Montrose; (art.) Cattermole, George; (eng.) Willmore, James T.
48 The Withered Flowers; (art.) Jenkins, J. J.; (eng.) Stodart, T.
49 Cromwell viewing the body of Charles 1st; (art.) Cattermole, George; (eng.) Stocks, Lumb
51 The Triple Wall of Constantinople; (art.) Allom, Thomas; (eng.) Bentley, Joseph C.
53 The Duomo of Syracuse; (art.) Leitch, W. L.; (eng.) Tingle, James
55 The Old Philosopher; (art.) Home; (eng.) Cook, Henry
57 Muriel; (art.) Swinton, J. R.; (eng.) Thomson, James
59 The Dionysia; (art.) Wolfensburger; (eng.) Floyd, William
62 The Church of St. Eustache, Paris; (art.) Allom, Thomas; (eng.) Turnbull, Thomas
64 Speaking Likeness; (art.) Chalon, A. E., R. A.; (eng.) Cochran, John
65 The Legend of the Bridge; (art.) Allom, Thomas; (eng.) Wallis, Robert

Date: 1852 (Web page revisions: 04/24/2006) Author: compiled by Charles Mackay (Web page revisions: Zach Weir).
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