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List of the Plates, Fisher's Drawing Room Scrap Book for 1846      

List of Plates

Frontispiece, The Dog's Ambition, (art.) Corbaux, Fanny ; (eng.) Finden, William .
Frontispiece, Arcadian Shades, (art.) Rubens, Peter Paul ; (eng.) Beckwith, Henry S.
10 Chinese Opium smokers, (art.) Allom, Thomas ; (eng.) Peterson, G.
12 Bingen on the Rhine, (art.) Bartlett, William Henry ; (eng.) Willmore, Arthur .
15 George Byng, Viscount Torringham, (art.) Kelner, Sir G. ; (eng.) Mote, William H.
17 Hardwich Hall, (art.) Allom, Thomas ; (eng.) Havell, Frederick J.
20 Court of the Old Palace, (art.) Allom, Thomas ; (eng.) Tingle, James .
20 The Bay of Baiae, (art.) Bartlett, William Henry ; (eng.) Prior, Thomas A.
21 Canute reproving his Courtiers, (art.) Pine, R. E. ; (eng.) Holl, Francis .
23 The Mourning over Jerusalem, (art.) Begas, C. ; (eng.) Holl, Francis .
24 Chinese Marriage Procession, (art.) Allom, Thomas ; (eng.) Bradshaw, Samuel .
26 Lord Fordwich, (art.) Ross, Sir Willam C. ; (eng.) Cook, Henry .
28 Coriolanus and his Mother, (art.) Lebarbier ; (eng.) Holl, Francis .
31 The Palace of Luxembourg, (art.) Allom, Thomas ; (eng.) Starling, M. J.
32 Jephthah's Daughter, (art.) Meyer, Henry ; (eng.) Floyd, William .
34 Burial Ground at Thyatria, (art.) Allom, Thomas ; (eng.) Fisher, Samuel .
36 Could Ye not watch one hour, (art.) Retout ; (eng.) Robinson, Henry .
38 View of Simla, Hymalayas, (art.) Roberts, David, R. A. ; (eng.) Allen, James B.
40 Convalescence, (art.) Cattermole, George ; (eng.) Wrankmore, W. C.
43 Lady Adela-Corisande-Maria Villers, (art.) Ross, Sir Willam C. ; (eng.) Posselwhite, James .
45 The Voyage of the Bird, (art.) Bartlett, William Henry ; (eng.) Tingle, James .
47 Charles the First and his Children, (art.) Woodford, S., R. A. ; (eng.) Holl, Francis .
48 State-Prison of the Seven Towers, (art.) Allom, Thomas ; (eng.) Capone, William H.
49 Chinese Cat-Merchants, (art.) Allom, Thomas ; (eng.) Prior, Thomas A.
51 The Doria Palace, Genoa, (art.) Leitch, W. L. ; (eng.) Redaway, James C.
53 Fountain at Carnelo, (art.) Leitch, W. L. ; (eng.) Bradshaw, Samuel .
55 Edmund Burke, (art.) Reynolds, Sir Joshua ; (eng.) Robinson, Henry .
56 The City of Cologne, (art.) Leitch, W. L. ; (eng.) Starling, M. J.
59 The Grotto at Camoens, Macao, (art.) Allom, Thomas ; (eng.) Bradshaw, Samuel .
61 The Soothing of Saul, (art.) Vanloo, C. ; (eng.) Holl, Francis .
62 Chinese Sacrifice to the Harvest Moon, (art.) Allom, Thomas ; (eng.) Fox, Augustus .
63 Admiral Sir Edward Codrington, (art.) Lawrence, Sir Thomas ; (eng.) Cochran, John .
64 The Prodigal Son, (art.) Rosa, Salvatore ; (eng.) Holl, William .
65 The Stillness of the Night, (art.) Bartlett, William Henry ; (eng.) Bradshaw, Samuel .
66 Prayer: Morning, (art.) Prentis, E. ; (eng.) Holl, Francis .
67 Prayer: Evening, (art.) Prentis, E. ; (eng.) Holl, Francis .

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