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List of the Plates, The Amulet: a Christian and Literary Remembrancer [1836]     

List of Plates

The Evening Star, (art.) Boaden, J. ; (eng.) Marr, Charles W.
The Drowned Fisherman, (art.) Bonington, Richard Parkes ; (eng.) Cooke, William J.
The Sea-shore Group, (art.) Frazer, Alex ; (eng.) Finden, Edward .
The Squire's Bargain, (art.) Hancock, J. ; (eng.) Topham, Francis W.
The Temptation, (art.) Harlowe, G. H. ; (eng.) Finden, William .
The May Morning, (art.) Inskipp, J. ; (eng.) Rolls, Charles .
No Song no Sugar, (art.) Meadows, W. ; (eng.) Sangster, Samuel .
The Mother's Warning, (art.) Original; (eng.) Greatbach, William .
The Bohemian Mother, (art.) Von Hoist, T. ; (eng.) Rolls, Charles .
Le Chapeau Noir, (art.) Wyatt, Henry ; (eng.) Simmons, William H.

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