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The Amulet: a Christian and Literary Remembrancer [1830]     

The Amulet: a Christian and Literary Remembrancer

compiled by Samuel Carter Hall

Table of Contents

13 Criotianoz. The Crucificion; [Poetry/5 pages]
18 Alkaioz. The Two Delhis; [Prose/30 pages]
48 Cunningham, Allan. My Native Vale; [Poetry/4 pages]
51 Gooch, Richard. The Tears of Virgil; [Poetry/1 pages]
53 Robertson, William. First Interview of Spaniards and Peruvians; [Poetry/6 pages]
59 Landon, Letitia Elizabeth (L. E. L.). The Unknown Poet' Grave; [Poetry/4 pages]
63 Pringle, Thomas. A Scene in Cafferland; [Poetry/2 pages]
65 Walsh, Edward. Are there more Inhabited Worlds?; [Prose/36 pages]
101 Wilkie, Rev. William. The Dorty Bairn; [Poetry/2 pages]
103 Hall, Mrs. S. C. (Anna Maria). Annie Leslie, an Irish Tale; [Prose/42 pages]
145 Hogg, James (Ettrick Shepherd). A Lay of the Martyrs; [Prose/10 pages]
155 Jewsbury, Maria Jane (Fletcher). The Sisters of Bethany; [Poetry/2 pages]
157 Carne, John. The Glen of Saint Kylas; [Prose/24 pages]
181 Shakespeare, William. The Pedagogue; [Poetry/1 pages]
182 Wrangham, Archbishop (Francis). The Spider, from Pignotti; [Poetry/5 pages]
187 Jewsbury, Maria Jane (Fletcher). The Lost Life; [Prose/25 pages]
205 Cox, Edward W.. The Tenth Plague; [Poetry/4 pages]
212 Norton, Mrs. Caroline E. S.. The Human Heart; [Poetry/3 pages]
215 Opie, Mrs. Amelia. The Portraits; [Poetry/2 pages]
217 Barton, Bernard. The Gleaner; [Poetry/2 pages]
219 Hogg, James (Ettrick Shepherd). A Tale of Pentland; [Prose/23 pages]
242 Howitt, Mary. An Old Man's Story; [Prose/11 pages]
252 Hall, Mrs. S. C. (Anna Maria). We'll See About It; [Poetry/8 pages]
261 Swain, Charles. The Fisherman's Children; [Poetry/3 pages]
264 Howitt, Mary. Contemplation; [Poetry/1 pages]
269 Williams, Rev. Charles. The Voice of Prophesy; [Prose/20 pages]
289 Banim, John. The Ould Man at the Altar; [Poetry/2 pages]
291 Norton, Mrs. Caroline E. S.. The Brothers; [Poetry/5 pages]
296 Croker, Thomas Crofton. Stanzas, "Death had been there"; [Poetry/1 pages]
297 Hall, Samuel Carter. The Anxious Wife; [Prose/13 pages]
310 Barton, Bernard. The Coronation of Inez de Castro; [Poetry/3 pages]
313 Bell, Henry Glassford. Thoughts on Flowers; [Poetry/6 pages]
318 Walsh, Rev. Robert. The First Invasion of Ireland; [Prose/23 pages]
342 Sadler, Michael Thomas. The Banks of the Dove; [Poetry/3 pages]
345 Muller, Frederick. Preparing for the Festa; [Poetry/2 pages]
347 Mitford, Mary Russell. A Castle in the Air; [Prose/10 pages]
357 Norton, Mrs. Caroline E. S.. Sonnet, "Oh! For the time"; [Poetry/1 pages]
358 Dale, Rev. Thomas. The Mourning of Rachel; [Poetry/3 pages]
361 Pickersgill, Mrs.. The Minstrel of Chamouni; [Poetry/3 pages]
364 Strong, Rev. Charles. Sonnet, "They picture death a tyrant"; [Poetry/1 pages]
365 Hollings, J. F.. The Mandoline; [Poetry/2 pages]
367 Z. Z.. The Spirit of Spring; [Poetry/1 pages]
368 Ellis, Rev. William. The Austral Chief; [Prose/23 pages]
391 Hemans, Mrs. Felicia. A Domestic Scene; [Poetry/2 pages]

List of Plates

First Interview between Spaniards and Peruvians; (art.) Briggs, H. P., A.R.A; (eng.) Greatbach William
The Fisherman's Children; (art.) Collins, William, R; (eng.) Rolls, Charles
The Gleaner; (art.) Holmes, James; (eng.) Finden, Edward
The Sisters of Bethany; (art.) Leslie, C. R. , R. A; (eng.) Danforth, Moseley I
The Crucifixion; (art.) Martin, John; (eng.) Le Keux, Henry
The Anxious Wife; (art.) Mulready, W., R. A.; (eng.) Engleheart, Francis
The Minstrel of Chamouni; (art.) Pickersgill, Henry W; (eng.) Robinson, John H.
The Pedagogue; (art.) Smirke, R., R. A.; (eng.) Goodyear, Joseph
The Mandoline; (art.) Unwins, Thomas, R. A; (eng.) Bacon, Frederick
The Dorty Bairn; (art.) Wilkie, David, R. A.; (eng.) Mitchell, James
Preparing for the Fiesta; (art.) Williams, Penry; (eng.) Rolls, Henry
P P Inscription Plate; (art.) Corbould, Henry, R.; (eng.) Wallis, Robert

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