The Bijou

The Bijou;

or Annual of Literature and the Arts

compiled by William Fraser

London: William Pickering,


Index of Authors

Algalabra, Don Juan The Night Before the Battle of Montiel
Anonymous (see also "Unknown"), Author of "Stray Leaves," The Purple Evening
Anonymous (see also "Unknown"), "A Tyro," An Address to the Lost Wig of John Bell, Esquire
B., H. ["H.B."] Haddon Hall
Bird, John, Esq. Canzonet
Bowles, Rev. William Lisle (1762-1850) On His Majesty's Return to Windsor Castle
Brydges, Sir Egerton. Sonnets
Carrington, N.T. The Hellweathers
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor (1772-1834) A Day Dream, The Two Founts, The Wanderings of Cain, Work Without Hope. Lines Composed on a Day in February, Youth and Age
Cornwall, Barry (1787-1874) [pseud. for Bryan Procter] Beau Leverton, A Familiar Epistle to Sir Thomas Lawrence, To My Child
Croft, Sir Thomas E. The Rose
Cunningham, Allan (1784-1842) The Poet Warrior
Delta (see also Moir, David Macbeth) Our Native Land
Fraser, William Humble Love, On a Little Girl, Preface
Gleig, George Robert (1796-1888) "Anonymous, Author of 'The Subaltern,'" Marie's Grave
Hemans, Felicia Dorothea Browne (1793-1835) The Child and Flowers
Hervey, Thomas Kibble (1799-1859) Anacreontic, Song
Hogg, James (1770-1835) An Aged Widow's Own Words, Ane Waefu' Scots Pastoral
Hood, Thomas (1799-1845) A Lament for the Decline of Chivalry
Jameson, Anna (Mrs.) (1794-1860), "Anonymous, Writer of the 'Diary of an Ennuyée.'" Halloran the Pedlar: An Irish Story
Lamb, Caroline (1775-1834) To a Friend
Lamb, Charles (1775-1834) Lines Written in the Vail of Zoar, Verses for an Album
Landon, Letitia Elizabeth (902-1838) The City of the Dead, Sans Souci
Leeds, W.H. From S.P. Wolff
Lockhart, John Gibson (1794-1854) Ballad from the Norman French
Mitford, Mary Russell (1787-1855) Jessy of Kibe's Farm, The Lover's Invocation
Moir, David Macbeth ["Delta"] Our Native Land
Montgomery, James (1771-1854) A Smile, On A Lady's Portraits
Neele, Henry (1798-1828) Mount Carmel
Pickersgill, Mrs. The Oriental Love-Letter
Richardson, D.L. Morning
Roberts, Emma. The Suitors Rejected
Scott, Walter (1771-1832) Letter from Sir Walter Scott, Bart
Smith, Horace (1770-1849) Essex and the Maid of Honour, Inscription for a Grotto
Southey, Robert (1774-1843) Imitation from the Persian, Scotland
"Unknown" (see also Anonymous) The Epistle of Servius to Marcus Tullius Cicero, The Epistle of Marcus Tullius Cicero to Servius Sulpicius, The Infant Shakespeare, From the Italian, The Ritter Von Reichenstein, Sketch from Life: A Sentimental Story
White, Joseph Blanco. Night and Death: A Sonnet
from The Bijou, 1828
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