Pearch's Collection of Poems in Several Hands for 1770

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Pearch's Collection of Poems by Several Hands

A Collection of Poems in Four Volumes.By Several Hands.     

A Collection of Poems in Two Volumes. By Several Hands. A Collection of Poems. The Second Edition. Vol. III.

George Pearch, Compiler


Index to the Third Volume

Mary, Queen of Scots, an Elegy. [anon.] 1

Hengist and Mey, a Ballad. By the Author of the Concubine. 11

Knowledge, an Ode. By the same. 19

Epigram addressed to the Author of a Note in Pope's Works. By the Rev. Mr. Henley. 34

The Shaft. By the same. 35

Iris to Philus. By the same. 36

Love Elegy. BTS. 38 1

Inscription under the Shade of a Lady. BTS. 40

To Colonel R----s. By S---- B----, Esq. 41

To a Lady with an Etui. By the same. 44

To the same, after having received a heart wrought with her own Hair for a Watch. By the same. 45

The Hermit. By -----. 47

Death, a Poetical Essay. By Dr. Porteus. 49

The Day of Judgment, a Poetical Essay. By Dr. Glynn. 61

To a Lady going to bathe in the Sea. By George Keat, Esq. 72

Prologue to the Play of King John. By the same. 74

Epilogue to the same Play. By the same. 76

Inscription in an Arbour. [anon.] 78

Ode to the New Year. By Mr. Peter Cunnigham. 79

The Contented Philosopher. By the same. 82

Il Bellicoso, 1744. By Mr. Mason. 86

Ode at the Installation of the Duke of Grafton. By Mr. Gray. 93

The Fatal Sisters, an Ode. BTS. 98

The Descent of Odin, an Ode. BTS. 101

The Triumph of Owen, a Fragment. BTS. 105

Invitation to the Feathered Race, 1763. By the Rev. Mr. Graves. 107

Written under an Hour-Glass. By the same. 109

On the antient City of Bath, written on the finishing the [sic.] Circus. By the same. 110

A Father's Advice to his Son. By J. G. Cooper, Esq. 112

On the much-lamented Death of the Marquis of Tavistock. By Mr. A-----l. 117

The Pleasures of Contemplation. By Miss Whately. 120

Liberty, an Elegy. By the same. 124

Hymn to Solitude. BTS. 126

Ode 10 May. BTS. 129

The Praises of Isis, a Poem. By Charles Emily, Esq. 131

Life, an Ode. By Dr. Hawkesworth. 143

A Moral Thought. By the same. 146

Epistle from Lord William Russet to William Lord Cavendish. By George Canning, Esq. 147

A Birth-Day Offering to a Young Lady. BTS. 162

An Elegy. By Sir --- ---. 167

A Song. By Dr. Ogilvie. 170

The Tulip and the Lily. By Mr. B----y. 171

The Invitation. By the same. 175

The Metamorphose. BTS. 178

The Sine Quo Non. BTS. 179

To the Right Hon. the Earl of Chesterfield, on his late Recovery from a dangerous Illness. By the Rev. Mr. Walter Harte. 181

Epitaph on Mrs. Sarah Mence. By the same.

Kimber, a Monody. By Mr. Potter. 184

Ode to Health. By J.H.B. Esq. 199

Sweetness, an Ode, inscribed to Cleora. By the Rev. Mr. Robertson. 202

To Florella, putting on a Flowered Hat. BTS. 205

Barreaux's celebrated Sonnet translated. BTS. 205

Monody to the Memory of a young Lady. By Mr. C. Shaw. 208

An Evening Address to a Nightingale. BTS. 218

The Death of Arachne, an Heroi-comi-tragic Poem. By ---. 223

Studley-Park, to Miss B--- F---. By ---. 231

An Ode to Spring. By S----- J-----, LL.D. 236

The Midsummer Wish. BTS. 238

Autumn; an Ode. BTS. 240

Winter; an Ode. BTS. 242

The Winter's Walk. BTS. 238

A Song. BTS. 245

An Evening Ode, to Stella. BTS. 246

The natural Beauty, to Stella. BTS. 247

The Vanity of Wealth, an Ode. By the same. 249

To Miss ---, on her giving the Author a gold and silver Network Purse of her own Weaving. BTS. 250

A Translation of the Latin Epitaph on Sir Thomas Hammer. BTS. 251

To Miss ---, on her playing upon the Harpsicord in a Room hung with some Flower-pieces of her own Painting. BTS. 253

To Myrtillis, the New-Year's Offering. [anon.] 255

The Three Warnings, a Tale. By Mrs. Thrale. 258

The Excursion. By -----. 262

Alexis; a Pastoral Ballad. By a Lady. 269

Sonnet; to a Robin Red Breast. By Miss M---. 275

Ode to Content. By J--- C----. 276

Ode to Solitude. BTS. 277

Ode to Health. By J--- C----. 278

Epitaph on a Schoolfellow. BTS. 280

Sonnet. BTS. 281

Ode. [anon.] 282

Sonnet; on Arbitrary Government. By J---- S-----. 283

Inscription for a Root-House. By -----. 284

Prologue. By A. Murphy, Esq. 285

Epilogue. By D. Garrick, Esq. 286

On Laura's Grave. [anon.] 288

Sonnet, to a Lady of indiscreet Virtue. By T--- P---. 289

The Shepherd's Invitation, a Song. By Christopher Marloe. 290

The Nymph's Answer. By Sir Walter Raleigh. 292

A Poem. BTS. 293

In Imitation of Marloe. [anon.] 295

Morning. By J. Cunningham. 297

Noon. BTS. 299

Evening. BTS. 301

On May. BTS. 303

1. "BTS" means "By the Same" author who wrote the preceding poem. BACK

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