The Forget Me Not Literary Annual for 1831

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Forget Me Not, A Christmas and New Year's Present for 1831     

Forget Me Not, A Christmas and New Year's Present for 1831

compiled by Frederic Shoberl

Book Boards

from Esther
From a painting by J. Martin
Engraved by Edward Finden

Vignette Title Page

E. F. Burney
Engraved by William Chevalier

Title Page

Inscription Page

Table of Contents (page image)

Table of Contents

1 Thomson, Richard. The Ninth Anniversary; [Poetry/6 pages]
7 Ewz. Esther; [Prose/12 pages]
18 H. (L. B.). To Solitude; [Poetry/1 pages]
19 Hogg, James (Ettrick Shepherd). A Sea Story; [Prose/12 pages]
31 Perring. Mrs.. William Tell; [Poetry/2 pages]
33 Bayley, Thomas Haynes. The False One; [Poetry/2 pages]
35 Barker, Matthew Henry (Old Sailor). Daddy Davy, the Negro; [Prose/15 pages]
50 Bickmore, Charles. The Prisoner to the Sunbeam; [Poetry/1 pages]
51 Polwhele, Rev. Richard. Cave of Lemorna. Legendary Tale; [Prose/10 pages]
61 Harrison, William Henry, (H.). An Adventure in Italy; [Prose/12 pages]
73 Chorley, Henry F.. The Elves of Caergwyn; [Prose/23 pages]
96 Harrison, William Henry, (H.). The Cat's Paw; [Poetry/4 pages]
100 Hatfield, Miss S. E.. The Maniac's Smile; [Poetry/1 pages]
101 Stone, William Leete. The Grave of the Indian King; [Prose/17 pages]
118 Author of "The Garland". Contemplation; [Poetry/1 pages]
119 Hood, Thomas. The Painter Puzzled; [Poetry/2 pages]
121 Chorley, Henry F.. Song, "Go hang my lyre"; [Poetry/1 pages]
122 Longmore, Captain. Time and Love; [Poetry/1 pages]
136 Bickmore, Charles. To the Spring; [Poetry/1 pages]
137 Anonymous. Sir Walter Scott; [Prose/7 pages]
144 Moodie, Mrs. (Susanna Strickland). Love and Ambition; [Poetry/1 pages]
145 Thomson, Richard. The Haunted Hogshead; [Prose/10 pages]
155 Harrison, William Henry, (H.). The Political Cobbler; [Prose/10 pages]
165 Hesketh, S. H.. The Smuggler; [Prose/17 pages]
182 Snow, Robert. The Bee-Orchis; [Poetry/2 pages]
184 H. (R. T.). The Past; [Poetry/1 pages]
185 Anonymous. Description of the Japanese Palace, Dresden; [Poetry/3 pages]
188 Leontine. War, "I slept"; [Poetry/3 pages]
191 Michell, Major Nicholas. Palmyra; [Poetry/1 pages]
192 Downes, Rev. George. Hulseburg; [Poetry/1 pages]
193 McNaghten, Capt. Sir William Hay. The Sacrifice. An Indian Tale; [Prose/20 pages]
213 Hollings, J. F.. Lutzen; [Poetry/1 pages]
214 Bird, John. Spring; [Poetry/1 pages]
215 Landon, Letitia Elizabeth (L. E. L.). The Disconsolate; [Poetry/3 pages]
218 Abdy, Maria. The Test of True Love; [Poetry/1 pages]
219 Inglis, Henry (Derwent Conway). The Painter of Pisa; [Prose/17 pages]
236 Brandreth, Henry. The Bee; [Poetry/1 pages]
237 Gilbert, Bryan. Music; [Poetry/5 pages]
242 Alexander, William. Departed Friends; [Poetry/1 pages]
243 Roberts, Emma. Benares; [Poetry/5 pages]
248 Mitford, Mary Russell. The Death of Charles I; [Prose/14 pages]
262 Brandreth, Henry. Avondale; [Poetry/1 pages]
263 Bayley, Thomas Haynes. My Great-Grandmother's Harpsicord; [Prose/8 pages]
271 Lawrance, Miss H.. Lady Jane Beauport; [Poetry/6 pages]
277 Malcolm, John. The March; [Poetry/2 pages]
279 Bird, John. The Haunted Chamber; [Prose/22 pages]
301 Godwin, Mrs. (Clairmont). A Noontide Retreat; [Poetry/1 pages]
302 Alexander, James Edward. Adventures in Hydrabad; [Prose/5 pages]
307 Cursham, Mary Anne. Annerley; [Poetry/2 pages]
309 Michell, Major Nicholas. Morning in the East; [Poetry/1 pages]
310 Walker, Mrs. Eliza. The Mariner; [Poetry/1 pages]
311 Pardoe, Miss Julia S. H.. Father Eustacio; [Prose/10 pages]
321 Moodie, Mrs. (Susanna Strickland). Winter calling up his Legions; [Poetry/3 pages]
324 Strong, Rev. Charles. The Landscape; [Poetry/1 pages]
325 Bowles, Rev. William Lisle. The Boa Ghaut, East Indies; [Poetry/2 pages]
327 Lawrance, Miss H.. The Three Vows of Fitz-Aucher; [Prose/29 pages]
356 Bowles, Miss Caroline. To a Friend returning from India; [Poetry/2 pages]
358 Strong, Rev. Charles. Babbicombe; [Poetry/1 pages]
359 Hollings, J. F.. To the Departed; [Poetry/2 pages]
361 Moir, David Macbeth (Delta). Bessy Belle and Mary Grey; [Prose/9 pages]
370 Bowring, Dr. John. To the Moon; [Poetry/1 pages]
371 Woodley, Rev. George. Saint Watha's Well; [Poetry/? pages]

List of Plates (page image)

List of Plates

front Vignette Title; (art.) E. F. Burney; (eng.) William Chevalier
front Esther; (art.) J. Martin; (eng.) Edward Finden
33 The False One; (art.) Sharpe, Miss Louisa; (eng.) J. S. Agar
61 An Italian Scene; (art.) Barrett, George; (eng.) A. R. Freebairn
96 The Cat's Paw; (art.) Landseer, Edwin, A.; (eng.) Graves, Robert
119 The Painter Puzzled; (art.) Knight, J. P.; (eng.) Henry C. Shenton
155 The Political Cobbler; (art.) , Chisholme, A.; (eng.) Henry C. Shenton
185 The Japanese Palace, Dresden; (art.) Prout, Samuel, F. S.; (eng.) (eng.) Carter, James
215 The Disconsolate; (art.) Corbould, Henry, R.; (eng.) Rolls, Charles
243 Benares; (art.) Purser, William; (eng.) Carter, James
271 Lady Jane Beaufort; (art.) J. Stephanoff; (eng.) Marr, Charles W.
301 A Noontide Retreat; (art.) Phillips, Thomas, R.; (eng.) J. S. Agar
325 The Boa Ghaut; (art.) Westall, Richard; (eng.) Finden, Edward
361 Bessy Bell and Mary Gray; (art.) West, J. R.; (eng.) William Finden

Preface Frederic Shoberl


Preface by Frederic Shoberl



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