The Forget Me Not Literary Annual for 1823

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Table of Contents, Forget Me Not, A Christmas and New Year's Present for 1823     

Table of Contents


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Poetical Address                                                                                                  3

Illustrations of the Twelve Months.

January [Engraving]                                                                                             5
February [Engraving]                                                                                           7
March [Engraving]                                                                                                9
April [Engraving]                                                                                                 11
May [Engraving]                                                                                                  13
June [Engraving]                                                                                                 15
July [Engraving]                                                                                                  17
August [Engraving]                                                                                             19
September [Engraving]                                                                                       21
October [Engraving]                                                                                            23
November [Engraving]                                                                                        25
December [Engraving]                                                                                        27
The Church-yard of Schwyzt                                                                                  29
The Bridal of St. Domingo                                                                                      84
The Magic Mirror                                                                                                  133
Comfort in Death (extracted from the Papers of Colonel L---)                             154
The Confessional                                                                                                 165
The Pastry-cook of Madrigal                                                                                182
On Making and Conciliating Enemies. By Augustus von Kotzebue                       192
Ferdinand Franck; an Auto-biographical Sketch                                                   195
Genealogy of the European Sovereigns and Living Members of their Families                                           273
Reigning Sovereigns of Europe with the Date of their Accession                                                               340
Lists of the Diplomatic Agents of the Principal Courts of Europe                                                                343
Population of Great Britain, according to the census of 1821.

I. General Summary of Houses, Families, and Persons in Great Britain, in 1821                                                                          362
II. Comparative State of the Population of the Counties and Shires of Great Britain, in 1811 and 1821                                     363
III. Table, exhibiting the Population of the Metropolis at different Periods, since the Year 1700                                                 366
IV. Population of the several Parishes of the Metropolis                                                                                                              367
V. Population of the Principal Towns and Boroughs of England, Wales, and Scotland, in 1821                                                    370
VI. Summary of Baptisms, Burials, and Marriages in the Metropolis and in England and Wales, in the Years 1811 to 1821, inclusive  376
Population of upwards of Seven Hundred of the Principal Cities in the World, exclusively of Great Britain                                  377
Historical Chronicle for 1822                                                                                                                                                        388

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