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List of the Plates, The Amulet: a Christian and Literary Remembrancer     

List of Plates

Moonlight, (art.) Boxall, W. ; (eng.) Marr, Charles W.
Corinne, (art.) Gerard, Baron ; (eng.) Goodyear, Joseph .
The Death of Eucles, (art.) Haydon, B. R. ; (eng.) Sangster, Samuel .
The Death of the First-born, (art.) Hayter, John ; (eng.) Greatbach, William .
The Lady Cawdor, (art.) Lawrence, Sir Thomas ; (eng.) Marr, Charles W.
The Marchioness of Londonderry and her Son, (art.) Lawrence, Sir Thomas ; (eng.) Rolls, Charles .
Sophie, (art.) Lawrence, Sir Thomas ; (eng.) Thomson, James .
The Countess of Blessington, (art.) Lawrence, Sir Thomas ; (eng.) Watt, James Henry .
The Greek Girl, (art.) Pickersgill, Henry W. ; (eng.) Fox, Charles .
The Rising of the Nile, (art.) Roberts, David, R. A. ; (eng.) Goodall, Edward .
Venice, (art.) Stanfield, W. Clarks ; (eng.) Goodall, Edward .
P P, Presentation Plate, (art.) Corbould, Henry, R. ; (eng.) Wallis, Robert .

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