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Our search buttons on the right offer to sort by "Author or Creator." By "creators," we mean not simply authors of texts (criticism, poetry, essays, books), but also editors, publishers, painters, engravers, and even architects. Sometimes pictures of the latters' buildings were engraved as plates in literary annuals. This page will automatically give you creators listed alphabetically by type. You may limit or further organize your search, if you wish, using buttons on the right. Anonymous productions appear at the end of this list.

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    M'Nicoll, David (1781-1836, UK)

    Works in Annuals

  • M'Nicoll Rev David. "The Contrast." The Amulet: a Christian and Literary Remembrancer. Ed. Hall, S. C. (Samuel Carter). [n.p]: Westley Frederick , Davis A. H., 1829. 342.
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