The Bijou

The Bijou;

or Annual of Literature and the Arts

compiled by William Fraser

London: William Pickering,


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The Purple Evening: , Imitated From the German
By the Author of "Stray Leaves"
THOU lovely, smiling, evening ray, 1
How calm thou sink'st in peace away! 2
So martyrs smile amid the fire, 3
So thus is extasy [sic] expire! 4
How glow the hills, so softly bright! 5
The woods reflect a dewy light; 6
The day- star smiles on evening's grave — 7
The swan glides o'er the purple wave. 8
O Sun, fair image of our God! 9
Far onwards, to our last abode, 10
Thou lov'st to guide the wanderer's course 11
Till rapt he greet thy goldern source, 12
How brighter then, at thy departing, 13
Than when o'er hill and valley starting! 14
from The Bijou, 1828, p. 80
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